Rose Edith Kelly (23 July 1874–1932), usually referred to as Rose (ローズ Rōzu?), was Aleister Crowley's first wife and the mother of his first daughter Lilith and second daughter Lola.[1]


During the vision shown to Kamijou Touma in the Windowless Building, Rose was described as ephemeral. Shortly after Lilith's birth, Rose was shown wearing a dress and bonnet with long light-colored hair.[1]


Prior to her breakdown and alcoholism after Lilith's death, Rose was kind and Aleister remembered her kindness as having been a lot like that of Orsola Aquinas.[2]


Rose met Aleister some time after he destroyed the Golden Dawn, in an attempt to change the foretold death of his future daughter as a result of the effects from the 'sparks' produced by conflicting phases. In their initial meeting, Aleister remarked that she looked upset and asked if he could cheer her up by inviting her to the starry sky. During this initial period, Aleister suppressed his more egotistic and perverted side, acting like a gentleman around her.[1] They were married at a church in Scotland.[2]

After their marriage, Aleister stopped trying to hide his magical research from Rose and began using her as his assistant. In Egypt in 1904, the entity known as Aiwass was summoned into Rose's body[3] and conveyed secrets to Aleister through her which he would compile into the Book of the Law, which would form the foundation of Thelema.[1]

When Rose gave birth to their first daughter Lilith, Aleister temporarily stopped his magical research to assist with the birth and to protect his unstable wife and daughter afterwards. After their condition stabilized, to make up for the delay, he set off on a trip to a great mountain to achieve a certain objective. However while he was away from Rose and Lilith, the effects of the 'sparks' from the clashing phases resulted Lilith's sudden death from illness.[1]

At some point after their daughter's death, with Aleister also having taken his anger at Lilith's death out on her, together with her own grief and guilt over the matter, Rose would break, turn to alcoholism as it became too much to bear, and eventually leave him.[4][5][6][7][2][8]


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Stiyl Magnus briefly mentions her and how her husband used her as a medium for Aiwass when he recounts Aleister's past to Kamijou Touma.[3]

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During his ascent through the Windowless Building, Kamijou Touma was shown the story of Aleister Crowley, including Rose's marriage to Aleister and their daughter's birth.[1]

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Aleister referred to Rose at several points during the events in the United Kingdom.[7][2] The church where the two were married would be the site of Aleister's final confrontation with the reproduced Mathers.[2][9]


  • The real Rose Edith Kelly was born in 1874, the eldest of three children. Before meeting Aleister Crowley, she was married to Major Frederick Thomas Skerrett, a member of the Royal Army Medical Corps who was fifteen years older than her, for two years before being widowed in 1899. Aleister eloped with and married Rose in 1903 to save her from an arranged marriage, though it went beyond a marriage of convenience. Their extended honeymoon brought them to Cairo, Egypt in early 1904. There, Rose assisted Aleister with his magical work, apparently leading to Aiwass dictating the contents of the Book of the Law to Aleister through her. Rose accompanied Aleister on various travels in the coming years, though their marriage eventually broke down, in part due to Aleister's adultery and her own increasing alcoholism. She had two children with him; Nuit Ma Ahathoor Hecate Sappho Jezebel Lilith (1904-1906) and Lola Zaza (1907-1990). Aleister divorced Rose in 1909 and in 1911, had her committed to an asylum for alcohol dementia. She died in 1932.

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