The Royal Astronomical Research Organization (王立天文学研究機構 Ōritsu Tenmongaku Kenkyū Kikō?) is a magic-side organization entrusted by British Royal Family with investigating the stars and space.[1]


The organization's main objective is to investigate the laws of the stars and space, as the stars are important for certain activities on the magic side, including astrology and summoning ceremonies. It primarily observes the movements of the stars from around the world, while gathering and analyzing local legends involving the stars and space. This information is then used to help the Anglicans by forecasting the optimal time and locations for any stellar ceremony, allowing them to predict the actions of people plotting to use them and stop them ahead of time.[1]

The organization controls many observatories around the world, in the countries of the Pound Economy, which was established for this purpose.[1] The field of space is a source of friction between magic and science sides, not being well-defined in the treaty between them.[1]


By the time of September in the current year of the timeline, enough members of the Amakusa Christian Church's Overseas Branch had joined the ranks of the organization to sway it and turn it into a framework to build bases and headquarters for them in Pound Economy countries. This is apparently due to the fact that, as they are unable to return to Japan, they desired a new land after finding no place for them in Europe. Cynthia Exment would later become leader of the organization, and would later gather support for her plans in returning to Japan.[2]

For a long time, the Royal Astronomical Research Organization has been involved in secret conflicts over advances made by both magic and science sides. However, due to Academy City's overwhelming advances in space development in recent years, members of the organization decided that they would not be able to advance humanity's space research much further while remaining on the magic side. As they couldn't easily change sides, they plotted to bring about a situation where England would be forced to change sides, allowing them to continue their research on the science side,[3] though this was all but a ruse by Cynthia to get her and the rest of the Amakusa offshoot back to Japan through Academy City.[2]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission TestEdit

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Around the time of a summit of the Pound Economy leaders in London, Cynthia Exment, the organization's leader, made use of their dissatisfaction by selling them a spell based on the fate of St. George, which they intended to use to destroy London's magical foundation. However Cynthia rigged the spell so that it would destroy the magical foundations of the Pound Economy instead.[4]

With the Pound Economy immobilized, Queen Elizard was forced to send magical aid to the countries affected from the British Museum. Cynthia intercepted the transmission and acquired the power of the Museum's spiritual item arsenal, which she intended to use to destroy the Museum and bring about the situation in which England would be forced to go over to the science side.[3]

After being defeated by Itsuwa, Cynthia was taken away by the Anglicans for questioning.[5] It is unknown what happened to the Royal Astronomical Research Organization following this.

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