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The Russian Orthodox Church (ロシア成教 Roshia Seikyō?, lit. "Russian Achievement Church", Yen Press: Russian Achievement Church) (Russian: Ру́сская правосла́вная це́рковь, tr. Rússkaya Pravoslávnaya Tsérkov) is the largest of the Orthodox Churches and one of the three world's largest Christian organizations. Annihilatus is a secret branch of it which deals with the world of magic.


The Russian Orthodox Church is one of the largest denominations of Christianity in the world. Like all Eastern Orthodox churches, it claims catholicity, meaning that they claim following the Apostolic Succession as a branch of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, along with the Roman Catholic Church, and the Anglican Church.[1]

The Russian Orthodox Church searches out and eliminates the occult specializing in hunting ghosts, like will-o’wisp, specters and pregnant spirits and other sorts of things that shouldn't exist within the perimeters of Christian lore.[2] Phenomena Control and Reduction Reproduction Facility is a display of how relentless they are in trying to solve this problem.[3] The leader of this organisation is a 'shota' boy, who in truth doesn't have total control over the organisation and is merely a figurehead despite having the authority.[4]


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  • When Sasha Kreutzev was asked about her choice of clothing, dressed in such a exhibitionist way by Angelene,[5] she mentioned she doesn't dress that way because she wanted to, it's the hobby of her boss (Vasilisa), but that “The Russian Orthodox Church isn’t a collection of perverts” like Vasilisa.

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