Ryouran Maid School (繚乱家政女学校 Ryōran Kasei Jogakkō?, Yen Press: Ryouran Girls’ Housekeeping Academy) is a girls' home economics school in the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe located in Academy City known for training girls to become maids.


The Ryouran Maid school has their maids specially trained to assist their masters. From cleaning up chewing gum on the streets to having a meeting with the leaders of the world, nothing can stump them. Maids such as Tsuchimikado Maika have to go everywhere to do all sorts of practical work, a special case in the city as not every school's students can do the same. This special privilege that is earned after the school had tested the student and determined that they are capable.[1] As a complement to this, the school does not have summer vacation and according to Maika, the does not have rest days for the weekends.[2] If Kumokawa Maria is any indication, the school is apparently lenient with what maid uniforms their students wear.

During school festivals such as Daihaseisai and Ichihanaransai, the school has their maids go out and sell a quota of food, such as maid bentos[3] and maid sandwiches,[4] presumably made from the top ingredients.[3]

Ryouran apparently also teaches maids from other cultures as shown by Maika and Kumokawa Maria's knowledge of Queen of Honors, the Royal Maids of the British Royal Family, upon seeing Silvia.[4]

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Ryouran Maid School

Maika Kumokawa Maria
Tsuchimikado Maika Kumokawa Maria
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