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STUDY (スタディ Sutadi?) or STUDY Corporation (スタディコーポレーション Sutadi Kōporēshon?) is an anime original organization introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S. They are a company led by Aritomi Haruki. On the surface they are a medical technology company but in reality they deal in shady business with the dark side of Academy City, as well as unethical experiments with artificial humans. Their goal was to force Academy City to recognize their method of creating espers through their planned terroristic attack late in the summer of the timeline, the Silent Party.

They are the main antagonists of the latter half of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S. After the disastrous failure of the Silent Party, the members are most likely taken into custody in turn disbanding the organization.


The core of the organization most likely formed just prior to the presentation of the potential of the Chemicaloid Project to underground organizations.[1] Most likely, STUDY as a company and as a group dealing in the dark side of Academy City only became realized after their project has been turned down by the underground organizations.

STUDY Corporation was most likely established soon after Haruki quit school to become part of the company's board of directors.[2] The case may be true for the other core members as well.


The organization is mainly a medical technology company, though has shown to manufacture other technology as well such as laptops. They sell their technology to the likes of Anti-Skill for their tools,[1] and manufacture drugs and other chemicals of a wide spectrum.[2] Most likely, these are fronts to fund their project.

They have at least some form of influence, as they are able to pull strings on Anti-Skill due to them supplying their tools.[1] They seemingly have little influence over the dark side of Academy City, though they still deal with them, as exemplified with them "buying" Nunotaba Shinobu.[1] The company itself has a lot of money, able to buy old factories in exorbitant prices, as well as manufacture up to at least 20,000 Powered Suits.[3]


Main article: Silent Party

The goal of STUDY is to have Academy City to recognize the superiority of their system of creating espers through artificial beings known as Chemicaloids, and most likely replace it altogether, deeming the current Power Curriculum Program as too reliant on chance to create high-level espers.[1]

The goal's origins are rooted from the members realizing that despite them being top students that have won many awards due to their research, it still paled in comparison to the espers, of which the city pours all its attention to. None has yet come against that unfair system, where he thought, that despite how much effort one puts into their studies, how many papers one publishes, only espers are ever recognized by the city.[1] Essentially, they are trying to make the esper obsessed city recognize them by making better espers than it.


The members of STUDY.
Left to right: Kosako Shunichi, Sekimura Hirotada, Aritomi Haruki, Madarame Kenji, and Sakurai Jun.

It is unknown how one enlists into the organization, though its core members are likely fixed from its earliest days back when it was composed of "like-minded individuals" when they presented the Chemicaloid Project to underground organizations. However, it has no problem in adding members, like Nunotaba Shinobu, if it means it would aid them in the Chemicaloid Project. Shinobu herself was "bought" by STUDY, though other than some confidential information related to the Silent Party,[1] she is given the benefits of being part of the group, such as being allowed to vote on matters with them.

The exact structure of the organization is unknown. However, Haruki is mentioned by Uiharu Kazari as being part of the board of directors of the organization, which may imply that the core members are all board of directors of the STUDY Corporation.[2] The members of the organization are shown to take votes by raising their hands when one of them, usually the leader, suggests the next course of action.

All members of the group wear lab coats as well as the uniform of the unnamed school Haruki used to go to, though he still wears it despite quitting the school to focus on STUDY, and may apply to the rest of the group as well. For reasons unknown, Shinobu also wears the uniform of their school. Finally, it should be noted that other than Shinobu, all members of STUDY wear glasses.


STUDY has considerable resources allowing them to masquerade as a medical company while perusing their goals of Chemicaloid Project and Silent Party. Their operations were distributed across several different operational facilities across the city guarded by their vast army of HsPS-15 variants controlled by Janie with her Diffusion Ghost, they had at least 20,000 for the Silent Party itself and a good number that had been destroyed in their experiments leading up to it. They were also able to acquire at least five larger mechanical units similar to those used by the Black Crow Unit — three of which were modified to artificially replicate Mugino's Particle-Function Waveform High-Speed Cannon — as well being able to construct a missile and to place it upon Endymion's orbital station.

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