Saflee Opendays (サフリー=オープンディズ Safurī Ōpundizu?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index as a martial artist.

She is a participant of the Natural Selector tournament, and is the first key character to be introduced during Academy City's attack on Baggage City.


She has shoulder-length blonde hair, white skin, and her body looks good enough to get a job as a magazine model. She wears a deep blue party dress (her battle dress), but the material it is made of and the strength of the joints have been greatly altered. Above the dress, leather belts are wrapped around mostly her upper body. She wears fingerless gloves with urethane inside in order to reduce the stress to her fists.[1]


Her belief is based around pure destruction (pure as in not involving or bringing anything unnecessary when destroying something, like collateral damage) and the exhilaration that comes from it. She entered the tournament to prove that those with special abilities aren't the ones to set the standards and was willing to get the help no matter what. She does possess a sense of justice as she didn't hesitate to remove the danger around the daughter of her opponent,[2] or saving Kamijou Touma from being killed after remembering his intentions.


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Baggage City ArcEdit

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She first appears entering the venue, while hearing Shar Berylan insulting the competitors of the tournament. After, he helps Saflee with the directions, she states that she could hear his insults because of the way the building is designed, much to his chagrin.[3]

She is later seen trying to finish getting dressed, while talking to "Kamijou Touma", after being pummeled by her for entering the her dresser room. Here, she hears of Touma's explanation on how Natural Selector came to be, blaming Leivinia Birdway for it, and wanting to have the 27 Cooperative Institutions back to Academy City, and how GREMLIN is planning something in Natural Selector. Touma tells her on how he got lost and would appreciate her help but does not recommend it, and proposes for her to run away. Saflee disagrees with his opinion, and tells of her desire to win the tournament. She later goes to her first match.[1]

Saflee partakes in the 35th match of the first round against, Osad Flakehelm, who uses microwaves for attack. Osad warns her of his upcoming attack, and would prefer to make her faint as quickly as possible. Saflee says that it is pretty boring, and since its effects are subdued, it maybe the reason why he is called a fake. Osad states that he does not like unnecessary destruction, though Saflee counters by saying that not at all destruction is bad, and states that she enjoys pure destruction. She also says to him that she knows that his daughter has been kidnapped by MIBs, and asks if he would like for her to take care of them, because she doesn't like the way the MIBs handle destruction. The bell rings and the both of them fight.[2]

NT Index v04 059

Saflee subdues a suspicious "Touma".

While recuperating in from the battle she had just won, she finds that she is to stay there with the guards while they take out the intruder who is Touma. Deciding that she didn't want to let him die and that the story he told was true, Saflee takes out the guards and searches for Touma. Once she finds him, she gives him a lariat blow in order to drag and hide him somewhere. However, Weissland Strainikov along with Útgarða-Loki, and a few Baggage City guards catches up to her. They ask her to hand Touma to them, though she refuses. However, Touma regains consciousness, and states that he isn't the intruder. Weissland believes he is referring to GREMLIN, but Touma states that someone else is headed for Baggage City. Here, he reminds them that Academy City will not be waiting around doing nothing, and foremost, they will not be sending a high schooler like him. Touma simply states that "they" are coming. Saflee lets out a voice of confusion, and immediately after "they" came.[4]

After getting knocked out with her fight against Marian Slingeneyer, Kumokawa Maria awakes in a different facility. Here, Saflee Opendays introduces herself to her, saying that she had found her collapsed in a passageway. She also introduces to her Osad and Mistray Flakehelm, whom she apparently saved and could not abandon. Maria asks about Oumi Shuri, to which she states that she saw her chasing Marian away, much to Maria's relief. Maria later notices that she is cold, and Saflee tells her that the heating facilities have been destroyed, and it is all the Kiharas fault. Saflee continues that if the people in Baggage City were in domed facilities, then they would be safe from the cold. However, that is only assuming those who have turned the city of battlefield will leave them alone. Saflee states that they have half a day to defeat the rampaging "bosses" in Baggage City, or else millions of people will die. With that Maria teams up Saflee, with their first target being Kihara Enshuu, who is creating a biological weapon using mold, and head for the plant factory. Maria later questions on how Saflee knows this, to which she states a man wearing a helmet and a coat told her, which Maria assumed to Kihara Kagun, the man he was looking for.[5]

Whilst traveling towards the plant factories, Saflee gets hit by a message from Oumi Shuri via a paper airplane, and sends it back to her. Sensing the cold, the both of them rationalize that they could not possibly destroy the plant factories and time, and that it would be more logical to destroy the electrical transformers for them. Finding them, they discover one of the containers line there open up, and cometh Enshuu, anticipating the weakness of the plant factories and her plan. Referencing Kihara Amata again, Saflee and Maria begin their fight against Enshuu, as the microbes continue getting irradiated.[6] The both of them charged towards Kihara Enshuu, with the latter keeping them both at bay. Enshuu then takes out a multi-purpose lighter and set aflame one of the containers that she had put oil on (surprising Saflee), rapidly melting the ice that formed between the containers that were piled on top of each other. There, the containers collapsed, which Enshuu further caused by setting aflame other containers. Using her remotely controlled helicopter-like toy she was able to gather information and set-up a small space that would not be affected by the collapse of the containers. For most of the battle, Saflee is forced to contend to keep herself out of harm's way as Maria does battle with Enshuu.[7]

In the climax of the battle, Oumi Shuri arrives after being invited by Saflee, and hits Enshuu with her kunai, allowing Maria to knock Enshuu down. Enshuu is later tied up by them.[7]

After witnessing the death of Kihara Kagun and Kihara Byouri, Marian Slingeneyer arrives, furious at the apparent death of her comrade, Bersi—Kihara Kagun. Utterly furious, and despite Othinus' warnings, she decides to use her sword, Dáinsleif.[8] Seeing this, an indescribable feeling of danger ran through them, the three of them try to act positive regarding this and make a plan, even with that feeling and being in an advantage. However, Marian raises her sword, and lightning strikes it, surprising them. Maria gets a queer premonition and tells both Saflee and Shuri to scatter and try to do their plan. Marian begins unsheathing a little bit of the blade, and immediately after, Shuri's heart stopped. Marian then sheathes the sword as so she can unsheathe it again. Scared, Maria tells Saflee that they need to hide, however, Marian once again unsheathes the sword, and Saflee collapses in the snow with her heart stopping.[9]

After, "dying" due to the effects of Dáinsleif, Saflee is out of commission for the rest of the battles that come through in Baggage City. However, it was hinted that Saflee and Shuri might have begun breathing again after the appearance of the true Kamijou Touma.[10]

Maria later mentions that she and Saflee are e-mail friends, confirming that Saflee is still alive.[11]


Saflee possesses nothing but pure martial arts skill and a body fit enough to win against Osad Flakehelm and his ability to produce directed electromagnetic waves, as well as the armed gunmen of Baggage City.[4]

Character Art DesignsEdit

Design EvolutionEdit

Saflee Opendays design was based off around fighting game characters who have strange reasons to enter a tournament.



  • (To Kamijou Touma from NT Volume 4): "I am Saflee Opendays. My hobby is all kinds of physical fighting. If I broke any of your teeth, I apologize. I cannot do anything beyond apologizing though."
  • (To Osad Flakehelm from NT Voume 4): "This is what destruction truly is. Didn’t I tell you? It’s the pursuit of that exhilaration. Destruction taken for that reason is not some simple evil. True destruction is something those who love verbal violence will never reach because they mix all kinds of violence together in just the one word."


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