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Saigou Ryouta (才郷良太 Saigō Ryōta?) is a minor character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. A member of Anti-Skill, he is first seen along with Sugiyama Edao another member of Anti-Skill during the Academy City Invasion Arc, and is most notably known to be a witness to Accelerator murdering a Hound Dog, which turns Accelerator into a wanted suspect.[1]


In the anime adaptation, Ryouta is shown to to have an air of maturity. Having a prominent jaw, sporting short cut hair, and having an unshaven look to his face.


Not much is known about Ryouta, however, he is known to be working in Suzuyama High School and is part of the 84th branch of Anti-Skill.[1] It is also shown that he at least knows Yomikawa Aiho.[2]


Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Academy City Invasion Arc[]

Main article: Academy City Invasion Arc

Saigou (background) and Edao (foreground), witness the terror that is the Accelerator.

Ryouta along with his partner Sugiyama Edao first appear during the invasion to help a wounded Hound Dog who escaped Accelerator's massacre in the Third Resource Recycling Processing Facility. Here, they are unaffected by Vento of the Front's Divine Punishment spell as both of them have overslept and were unable to communicate with their colleagues through the use of the communication lines, believing it to be a simple case machine trouble.[3]

After responding to a call by the Hound Dog, their van is accidentally destroyed by Accelerator after he is angered by the Hound Dog's taunting him. Shaken by the event, they are unable to respond in time, and only discover that both the Hound Dog and Accelerator is gone, with only a smear of blood left where the Hound Dog used to be.[3]

Ryouta later sends out a report after searching the Data Banks regarding Accelerator who is now wanted for attempted murder.[1]

Battle Royale Arc[]

Main article: Battle Royale Arc

Ryouta reappears once again during Accelerator's rampage against Kakine Teitoku, the 2nd level 5. Here, he tries to stop Yomikawa Aiho from going near Accelerator, though he is unsuccessful.[2]

Other appearances[]

Side Stories[]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun: Uiharu SS[]

Main article: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun: Uiharu SS

Ryouta drives a sportscar for Yomikawa Aiho towards the special vehicle being driven by Sangaku Youko, which has fallen under the control of a terrorist that wants to use the vehicle carrying the Hydrazine-filled additional module for Hikoboshi II into a convention center in School District 3, where a meeting between the Board of Directors and several leaders of nations are taking place. After much effort, Ryouta has Aiho successfully latch on to the vehicle, but the terrorist has noticed his actions and later causes the sportscar they were driving to crash in a nearby wind turbine.[4]


He is a normal human, however, as a member of Anti-Skill he is trained to use firearms.



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