Sakata (坂田 Sakata?) is a member of the Kouga School of Ninjutsu.


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Baggage City ArcEdit

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Due to the times changing and needing to contend with the likes of Academy City and Baggage City, he/she, Asai, Yasu, and Oumi Shuri, go to Baggage City for the Natural Selector tournament in order to find an interesting person that they could get and analyze their abilities for the sake of the Kouga School.[1]

He/she, Asai, and Yasu later come upon Kihara Enshuu, while Shuri contacts them regarding a treasure she found fit for the Kouga, though only their screams reach their ears, as they describe her as a monster.[1] He is presumably killed by Enshuu.



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