Sakugawa Middle School

Students leaving the school.

Sakugawa Middle School (柵川中学 Sakugawa Chūgaku?) is a middle school in the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe. First introduced in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun sidestory, it is attended by Judgment member Uiharu Kazari and her friend, Saten Ruiko. The school looks like a typical Japanese middle school, featuring a four-storeyed main building, connected to another building with an elevated hallway and likely has an accessible roof. In the manga the school also has a large clock on the outside.

Sakugawa High School Sits across the street and shares a very similar school uniform dresscode.


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Level Upper ArcEdit

Main article: Level Upper Arc

The school heavily featured in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime. The school is first seen when Saten Ruiko is introduced in the story, and are friends with Uiharu Kazari. Later, whenever it is featured in the anime, it is often shown because Ruiko or Kazari are listening to lectures.

Poltergeist ArcEdit

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An interior of the school (probably a guest room) is shown during the Poltergeist Arc, where Kazari is introduced to Haruue Erii by Daigo.

List of notable studentsEdit

List of notable staffEdit


Sakugawa Middle School

Uiharu Kazari RuikoSaten Haruue Erii Akemi
Uiharu Kazari Saten Ruiko Haruue Erii Akemi
Mako-chin Muu profile Edasaki Banri Fuuga
Mako Muu Edasaki Banri Sakurazaka Fuuga
Daigo sensei
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