Sakurazaka Fuuga (桜坂風雅 Sakurazaka Fūga?) is a character introduced in the PSP videogame Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble, and is a prominent character in the Science (Hidden) story of the game. She is a student at Sakugawa Middle School who befriends Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari via the Academy City SNS Rondo Net.


Fuuga is a slender looking girl with long brown hair that goes pass her knees, with fringes to the sides that shows off her forehead. Moreover, her height is emphasized by her incredibly large purple hair ribbon.


She seems to be a kind and friendly girl, as exemplified by her quickly becoming friendly with Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari, despite just meeting them.[1]


Not much is known about her, but she seems to have high regard for her father,[1] and is apparently a high-class girl.[2]


Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no EnsembleEdit

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Fuuga is a character specifically written by Kamachi Kazuma for the game, and is set to appear in the Science (Hidden) Story of the game.

Saten Ruiko and Uiharu Kazari meet Sakurazaka Fuuga over the Academy City SNS Rondo Net. The three hit it off and make a promise to play together, but a sudden system error causes confusion throughout the city. According to Kuroko, Anti-Skill and Judgment's systems are unusable. Kazari realizes the system error is being caused by intentional hacking and begins searching for the hacker.[1]

She discovers that the system error was a means of having a patch added to the computers which included a backdoor and that the backdoor was used to access Academy City's military central cloud. The hacker then used the military cloud to access the Australian Cooperative Institution and its Mass Driver. The hacker also used the backdoor to knock out all of the computers at Uiharu's Judgment branch after speaking to her through the computer.


Saten recognizes the reason the hacker gives for the hacking is identical to the one Fuuga gave about previously shoplifting a present for her and calls Fuuga to ask if it was her. Fuuga readily admits it and tells Saten to leave the city, but Saten vows to stop her. Uiharu tracks down Sakurazaka's location and Kuroko and Saten head there.

It is revealed that Fuuga had been doing it all for her father and she tries to kill herself to protect him but Saten convinces her not to and slaps her.[3]



Fuuga's ability profile file.

Fuuga's power is known as Malicious Fake (認証穿刺 (マリシャスフェイク) Ninshō Senshi (Marishasu Feiku)?, lit. "Authentication Puncture"). It allows her to control computers directly without using any peripherals like a keyboard or mouse.


Character Art DesignsEdit


  • "I have to do my best for father's sake."


Sakugawa Middle School

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