Sakurazaka Masato (桜坂 風雅 Sakurazaka Masato?) is a character introduced in the PSP video game Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble, originally supposedly a prominent character in the Science (Hidden) story of the game as shown in the game trailers and promotional videos, Masato's appearance is later cut by the time the game is released.


Masato is a tall man with an aged and stern face, he has a prominent forehead, and bears the same brown hair as his daughter, Fuuga. He is shown to wear gray suit over a white shirt with a lavender tie.


Not much is know about his personality, but it seems to be strict, to warrant Fuuga to say that she needs to do her best for his father's sake.[1]

He is described as being able to "conquer" by talking elegantly, though this seems to apply only to her daughter.[1]


Not much is known about him, but since his daughter is referred to as a high-class girl,[2] he may have a high position in the pharmaceutical company he is working in.[1]


Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no EnsembleEdit

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Masato is a character specifically written by Kamachi Kazuma for the game, and was set to appear in the Science (Hidden) Story of the game.[1] His role in the story casts a long shadow upon her daughter despite not appearing in the game itself, driving much of her motivations for her actions in the game.


Character Art DesignsEdit


  • (From the game, towards Fuuga.)"...It is certain that the new business will, in time, succeed. Do not ever let me down, do you understand?"


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