Saraku (査楽 Saraku?) is a minor character introduced Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is an operative of MEMBER and uses his unnamed esper ability, referred to by Accelerator as Kill Point, for his missions.


Saraku appears as a young man, seemingly high-school aged, who has his hair in a bowl cut. His most notable aspect of his appearance is his down jacket.[1]


He is shown to be ruthless enough to use civilians as hostage in order to gain the upperhand in a battle.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Battle Royale ArcEdit

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He first appears in an open air cafe teleporter right behind the Professor after the assassination attempt of Oyafune Monaka. He has overheard the Professor's statement on the fact that the riots that rose along with the 0930 incident, the majority of the Powered Suits were sent out to mop-up at Avignon. Where the Professor says that it is a big opportunity for them as the suits cannot be used freely. Saraku asks him if the opportune time will be soon, to which the Professor confirms. Xochitl then asks how the Professor could predict the other organization's movements even though the information from the higher-ups might be incorrect, to which the Professor says is because the trop brass possess the technology to make that possible (most likely referring to UNDER_LINE). After the Professor sees Tsuchimikado Maika ride a cleaning robot, he becomes seriously impressed. Yoshio then says that the Professor should refrain from thinking of strange ideas.[3]

The Professor has ordered Saraku to protect the antenna for the Hikoboshi II satellite in School District 23 from being destroyed as not doing so would take out the surveillance capabilities of Academy City and would allow BLOCK to send in their forces inside without warning.[4] GROUP believes that BLOCK intends to use the satellite's orbital laser on School District 13 to slowly kill Academy City.[5] It is likely Saraku had no idea that BLOCK was just using the satellite attacking School District 13 as a ruse, as he only came to School District 23 under the Professor's request.[1]

Accelerator goes to School District 23 where the antenna for the satellite is located, planning on destroying it. Upon arriving however, he is attacked from behind by Saraku before Accelerator can use his choker. Accelerator is injured but manages to get the upperhand and shoots behind is back, injuring Saraku, though without Accelerator's knowing, he manages to mess with the sight. When Accelerator turns to look at his attacker, he saw that Saraku is injured. Accelerator asks if he is from BLOCK, to which Saraku says that he is from MEMBER and that he is there to stop him from destroying the antenna. Accelerator then turns on his choker, activating his powers. As he turns around, he discovers that Saraku is already behind a railroad worker, and uses him as a hostage, using a saw to his neck. Accelerator gives a laugh, discovering the true nature of his power, that he cannot manage true teleportation's calculations and uses the positioning of other people to calculate where he can teleport. Accelerator mocks him, prompting Saraku to say that he doesn't want to hear that from him who uses a choker. Saraku says that Accelerator won't abandon the hostage as evidenced by the fact that he wouldn't have come to School District 23 in the first place to stop the Hikoboshi II. Accelerator, having now dubbed him as Kill Point, says to Saraku that he has no aesthetics of a villain and points his gun on him. Saraku however reminds Accelerator that there might be something wrong with the sights of his gun. Realizing that he might hit the hostage instead of Saraku, Accelerator did the next best thing, he shot himself in the temple and using powers, calculated and redirected the trajectory of the bullet. This method easily fells Saraku, making him bleed on the shoulder. Accelerator then motions the railroad worker to leave. Saraku continued to face Accelerator, though tried to look around using only his eyes to find someone to teleport behind. Seeing this, Accelerator mocks him as Saraku's is consumed by fear. Accelerator then says that he will now teach him of the aesthetics he lacked and what a true first-class villain really is. Accelerator then shoots at him several times enough to incapacitate him.[1]

Accelerator later arrives and faces against the Anti-Skill, defeating them all without killing them, and then destroys the antenna, allowing BLOCK to continue with its plans.[4] According to the Professor, Saraku apparently survived as Accelerator didn't kill him, and advises Baba Yoshio to retrieve him if he has the time.[6]

Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Daihasei Festival ArcEdit

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Xochitl references Saraku as already being part of MEMBER when Kouzaku Mitori acted as a go-between for the organization.[7]

Dream Ranker ArcEdit

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Saraku is part of the group with Hikoichi meeting the S-rank Dream Ranker for Indian Poker known as BLAU. He and the others begin to praise his work thanking him for his dreams, after Hikochi is stopped while trying to plead to BLAU and they are informed by him that he is satisfied enough knowing his dreams bring them happiness. Saraku and the others praise him once more while recounting the favorite explicit acts with different celebrity women. BLAU then reveals the narrative of his latest work on dreams involving the two Level 5s of Tokiwadai. The group, amazed at his audacity, praises him once again, though this is short lived as both Misaka Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki ally themselves in order to punish them and destroy the cards in question.[8]


The name of his ability is unknown, but due to its properties Accelerator has referred to it and him as Kill Point (死角移動 (キルポイント) Shikaku Idō (Kiru Pointo)?, lit. "Blind-spot Movement"). It is a kind of teleportation where he needs to have another person as basis to move through the 11 dimensions as he himself cannot calculate the theoretical values needed for normal teleportation. As such, he can only teleport behind a person after knowing that person's current location.[1] After Accelerator uses the name to refer to Saraku as Kill Point, the Professor uses it as well, though only once.[6]

Of his power level it is unlikely that he is a Level 4 as according to Accelerator, usually being able to teleport one's own weight is enough to be considered a Level 4. With Saraku being unable to calculate the 11th dimension, someone like Saraku couldn't be good enough to achieve Level 4.[1] Later in the series, while explaining his spell to Touma, Thor affirms that an esper who teleports only into somebody's blind spot would only be around Level 3 in Academy City, further confirming Saraku's level.[2]

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