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Scavenger (屍喰部隊スカベンジャー Shikuu Butai (Sukabenjā)?, lit. "Corpse-eating Corps") is an Academy City-based organization in the Dark Side of Academy City introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator. They are a mercenary organization that is composed of three esper girls and one boy.[1]


The team's name "Scavenger" is not an official team name but a nickname, as Scavenger is not on the same level as Item, Block, School, Member, or Group, which all have official designations.[2]

All of Scavenger's members have shown no regard for human life and are willing to kill people and make light of the situation even if they are in the way to their destination, as shown when they slaughter a team of Anti-Skill.[3] Another thing that is common among the members is their hatred for teachers or educators. They believe that they are the source of all evil in the city, rationalizing that since the city is like a big school then it is the teachers and educators' fault that they are unable to control it. They truly believe that if they kill them all (including the principal) then the city would be a better place.[4]

The power of the group is so great that they can level an entire building on their own.[1] Unique to this organization is that they apparently stay in hibernation or stasis and are only taken out of it by an operator of theirs, who doubles as their mediator, when they are requested for a mission. They wear stitched-like bodysuits while hibernating.[5] The group seems to be under the sole control of Nakimoto Rizou as a DA operative identified Seike after seeing the stylized tattoo on his tongue.[6]


Both the manga and anime have Scavenger wearing bodysuits when sleeping inside their capsules. The design is common to all members.[7] In the original manga, the team wore straitjacket-esque bodysuits with stitches,[5] while in the anime, they wore more form-fitting and hi-tech bodysuits.[8]


Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator[]

Necromancer Arc[]

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Scavenger was deployed to eliminate DA for Nakimoto Rizou,[5][9] however their mission ended in failure due to the intervention of Accelerator.[3][6][4][10][11][12][13]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Dream Ranker Arc[]

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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E21 22m 45s

Scavenger in a tight situation after their encounter with Accelerator.

At the night of October 12,[14] Scavenger were in dire straits because of their failure in their last mission, implied to be their mission to destroy DA from Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator, and were hoping for their luck to change.[15]

Scavenger are hired to recover the Doppelganger for the laboratory it escaped from.[15] They managed to track down the Doppelganger and momentarily capture her, but were overwhelmed by the its capabilities, which they weren't aware of[2][16]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E23 18m 50s

Scavenger leaving the area.

After their initial encounter, the group managed to get some assistance from Misaka Mikoto, who was also following the Doppelganger, due to Leader's acting. They managed to complete their mission on a technicality and got their client to sign off before making their escape from Warehouse No. 8086, the area that was supposed to drop off the Doppelganger.[17][18] The group later returned to help Mikoto defeat the doppelganger and save Kuriba Ryouko.[19][20][21]

In the aftermath, Scavenger didn't receive payment due to their contractor going out of business but Leader convinced their liaison to restore their rank.[22]

Jailbreaker Arc[]

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Scavenger (Railgun Ch101)

Scavenger during the Jailbreak Trial

In mid-October, Scavenger participated in the Second Reformatory's Jailbreak Trial, a challenge to test the private juvenile hall's security by attempting to break in and successfully escape with a target 'prisoner'.[23][24] After the outer wall was breached and competitors entered the inner grounds, Leader tasked Yakumaru with tailing Misaka Mikoto's group and discretely helping them to reach the target 'prisoner', with the others remaining near the wall, the plan being to snatch the 'prisoner' on the way back.[23][24] Although Yakumaru successfully tailed Mikoto's group to the target's cell,[25][26][27][24] by that time Uiharu Kazari had already reached and extracted them separately to complete the challenge.[24]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Kamisato Rescue Arc[]

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Scavenger was referenced along with Hound Dog, Group, and Item.[28]

Main Members[]






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