The Scavenger Liaison is an unnamed lady who acts as a liaison to Scavenger and assigns them missions, similar to the liaisons of other dark side organizations.[1][2]


The liaison has long hair and an exposed forehead, with a mole below and to the left of her lower lip. She wears oval glasses and a white coat.[1][2]


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Toaru Kagaku no AcceleratorEdit

Necromancer ArcEdit

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The liaison awakens Scavenger in order to eliminate DA for Nakimoto Rizou.[1][3]

Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Dream Ranker ArcEdit

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The liaison contacts Scavenger, reminding them of their previous failure they had with Accelerator. She then send the group on a mission to recover the cyborg doppelgänger of Kuriba Ryouko.[4] Following Scavenger's mission involving the doppelganger, the liaison contacts them and after being convinced by Leader, agrees to restore the group's rank.[2]

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Iizumi Rita RailgunT (Anime) Yakumaru Itsuki RailgunT (Anime) Sakuragi Naruha RailgunT (Anime) Seike Taroumaru RailgunT (Anime)
Iizumi Rita Yakumaru Itsuki Sakuragi Naruha Seike Taroumaru
Scavenger Liaison
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