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School District 1 (第一学区 Dai Ichi Gakku?) is a School District near the very center of Academy City. It is bordered by School District 16 to the northwest, School District 4 to the northeast, School District 5 to the southeast, School District 7 to the southwest, and School District 8 to the west.

It is the district where most of the city's administration is located.[1][2][3]


Thomas Platinaburg's office in District 1.

As stated, the School District's focus is to accommodate the administration of Academy City.[1] The district is lined with administrative and judicial facilities and it does not have the sense of livelihood that other, more normal districts had. It has almost no residences or restaurants. In exchange for gathering together all of the functions needed for smoothly operating such a large city, only the bare minimum of functionality for people to live there has been prepared. The extremely mechanical cityscape helps reinforce that image of the district.[4]

The district is the base of the Academy City Board of Directors,[4][5] but not the Chairman, who resides in the Windowless Building in School District 7.

There are unofficial railway lines and subway stations under the district's judicial facilities for prison trains (such as the Overhunting) that are sometimes used to secretly transport prisoners directly to the prison facilities in School District 10 when ordinary transportation would not suffice.[6]


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On December 29th, as the district was the site of protests following the trial of Accelerator and the Winter Cleaning movement, the prison train Overhunting departed one of the unofficial stations at 5PM, carrying survivors of Operation Handcuffs and heading for the Special Criminal Adult Correctional Facility in School District 10.[6]

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Known Locations

Location Type Details
Office of the Board of Directors (統括理事会の事務所?) Administration and Law
Academy City General Courthouse Administration and Law [7]
Board of Directors Library (理事会図書館?) Institution A library which contains all books and magazines in Academy City. Uiharu Kazari headed there to read a game magazine.[3]



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