School District 10 (第一〇学区 Dai Jū Gakku?) is a district at the southernmost of Academy City. It is bordered by School District 7, 22, and 18 to the north, School District 11 to the east, and School District 2 to the west. Its main characteristic is that it contains a few facilities and establishments that carries a certain social stigma towards people, such as nuclear facilities and graveyards, as well as having poor public order.[1]


The Strange

Urban decay as exemplified by the Strange.

Land prices in District 10 were the cheapest because of the fact that it had poor public order and having the worst security,[2][3] a fact that is rumored to make deliverymen go out of their way to avoid passing through the district on the way to their destination.[4] It didn't have any major facilities, though it was filled with things like disposal areas for experimental animals and laboratories related to nuclear power, as well as the infamous Special Ability Institute.[2] It is most likely rampant with urban decay, most specifically in Area G, known as Strange, a hot bed for delinquents and is the stronghold of many Skill-Out gangs, like Big Spider.[5]

Despite delinquents residing in the district, there is actually an ironclad rule among them that they are to be nice to cats abandoned in the rain and to little kids, an example of this is when the entire gang of Big Spider once fought for the sake of a child in the rain.[6]

The district is also one of the limited school districts that can handle the dangerous hydrazine liquid fuel used for the rockets in the City.[7]

Graveyard TowerEdit

The only graveyard in the city is located in District 10 due to the fact that many companies refuse to set-up shop in the district, after a long turnaround, it settled in this backdrop.[3] As well as the fact that since 80% of Academy City's population is comprised of students, their corpses are normally returned to their parents. The graveyard has the distinct shape of being similar to that of an elevator equipped multi-story car park. The structure uses the power of lifts to automatically pass the miniature tombstone that has the cinerary casket in. For this to work, the input of a number is required in the ‘small space’ that’s separated by the clapboard like a shooting range. [8]

As long as the thick waterproof tray allows it, any flowers and gifts are allowed. But when the system detects any microbes, once it passes a certain limit, it’ll be dumped into the dustbin automatically. More often than not, most tombstones do not have the ashes its owner, and is simply used as a memorial. These tombstones hold the memories that range from criminals, Child Errors, and those involved in the Dark Side of Academy City, such as Frenda Seivelun.[8]


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Known LocationsEdit

Location Type Details
Graveyard Tower Infrastructures The only grave in the Academy City.[3]
Food Stand Spire Restaurants A parking garage building that contains several restaurants.[4]
Reformatory Infrastructures A juvenile hall located in Academy City that designed specifically to handle esper offenders.[9]
Special Ability Institute Research Facilities A now-defunct research facility.[1] Accelerator was kept in the facility until the age of nine due to his unique powers.[10]
Zassou Academy Schools A school that was established by the videogame company Weed (famous for the Gekisho series of games).[11]
Nuclear & Bacteriology Research Center Research Facilities [12]
Experimental Animals Disposal Facility Infrastructure [12]




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