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Bird's eye view of School District 11

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Street view of School District 11

School District 11 (第一一学区 Dai Jūichi Gakku?) is a district at the southeast of Academy City. It is bordered by School District 18 and School District 23 to the north, and School District 10 to the west. To the south, it is bordered by Eastern Tokyo. Its primary usage is for the transfer of goods, and can be summed up as warehouse district.[1]


School District 11 Parking Garage

Academy City-made electric cars parked in parking garages.

Due to Academy City not bordering the ocean, materials can only be brought in and out via either land or air. Sharing a border with the outer wall, it functions as the entrance for the land route.[2][3] The buildings there are lined up in the area. Unlike normal buildings, the buildings there lacked walls and are more like parking garages, with Academy City-made electric cars parked inside, ready for shipment. The entire district is large enough to hold 7000 tons of materials, which are brought in and out of the city each day.[2] Large containers holding shipments are located in the district,[4][3] these containers are then checked for legality and safety at customs and then repacked into mid-sized and small containers to be transported through the streets of Academy City.[5]

The district is also trying to optimize and speed up the shipping distribution process, as such, everything is automated except for a few engineers, who are apparently armed with handguns. Drivers coming in from outside Academy City, as well drivers from the city itself, need only to attach a rented device to the trucks electronics and the trucks will be automatically unloaded while they sip on coffee and read the newspaper at the rest area at the edge of the district.[4]


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Security robots on the wall

The area around the gate that directly manages what came in and went out is strictly controlled. The wall there is of great size, where the pathways on top of it were guarded by Security robots, which will either shoot or sound the alarm on someone who isn't supposed to be there. The security robots have a special communications line. When they sound the alarm, it’s sent directly to the control area in School District 23 and the Six Wings are called in.[2]

Despite the tight security in the area, the warehouses can't be guarded from end to end. Magicians can bypass the wall due to their magic going around the scientific security measures there. Moreover, it is implied that Aleister Crowley is probably aware of the intrusion and simply allows them to enter. The Security robots have flaws as well, only having a limited ammunition, in order to exacerbate the effects of their malfunctioning and their accidental shooting, since people from the outside can still walk in close proximity to the wall. Even more, they need to recharge, as such the robots have shifts.[2]

According to Thor, the district was the place GREMLIN may have entered through, using the high activity in the district to slip through, and the fact that are only a few people actually working in the district due to its heavy reliance in automation.[4] Furthermore, after the events of the Battle Royale Arc, with the surveillance satellite having been taken out, the security strength of the district has fallen. This allows people like Saku Tatsuhiko and his band of 5000 mercenaries to enter the city.[2] Even now, even people like Kamijou Touma can sneak into the district, and it can be speculated to have used the district as a detour to get to Eastern Toyko to get to Hakumeiza, back during the Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc.


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