School District 12 (第一二学区 Dai Jū'ni Gakku?) is the easternmost School District of Academy City. It is bordered to the west by School District 19, School District 6, and School District 23. To the east, it is bordered by Eastern Tokyo, with its entire eastern side surrounded by Academy City's wall. The district's primary feature is its collection of schools dealing with theology.[1]


Not much is known about the district, but it is known for collection theology schools, and its study of occult interests in a scientific approach. The streets are lined with various religious facilities, giving a multi-cultural feeling to it.[1] One can assume the district also takes part in paranormal studies.

Standard highrise buildings also contain or have its floors converted into many religious facilities. When Silvia, Brunhild Eiktobel, and Leivinia Birdway visited the district during the Ichihanaransai, it is revealed that the building, despite its elaborate and detailed construction, did not contain any magical symbol, and Silvia notes that the building is nothing more than a model on the cycles and patterns needed to efficiently bring people in and take their money.[2] Several other facilities in the city may also have such qualities.


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East External Connection Terminal
Takasaki University (高崎大学?) [3]


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