SchoolDistrict13 sign

A sign in a railway station in School District 13.

School District 13 (第一三学区 Dai Ichi San Gakku?) is a school district found in the southwest of Academy City. It is bordered to the west by Western Tokyo, to the south by School District 2, to the east by School District 15, and to the north by School District 21.

Its primary use is for the catering of kindergarten and elementary school.[1]


Despite other districts being capable of handling kindergartens on its own, of all the districts in Academy City, School District 13 has the most kindergartens and elementary schools.[2][3] There are also facilities and orphanages for Child Errors in the district. A lot of security personnel other than Anti-Skill are provided in the district in order safeguard and protect the children living there.[1]

The district is used by Academy City as its image for use in brochures and pamphlets.[1]

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