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School District 14 (第一四学区 Dai Jūyon Gakku?) is a school district located at the northeast of Academy City. Like its neighbor School District 3, it has facilities that accommodate outsiders, though the district focuses on overseas students instead.[1]


As stated above, the district caters to the needs of overseas students, apparently having accommodations and facilities for them.[1] As such, most of the foreign transfer students live in the district's dormitories.[2][3]

In the district, the residential areas are divided by culture, and the guide plates on their residences contain many instances of it being written in an alphabet other than Japanese.[4] The district has high-tech skyscrapers mixed together with small blocks of differing styles and designs (e.g. Italian-style buildings with orange roofs and white walls, Chinese, Korean, Indian etc).[3]


Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator[]

Necromancer Arc[]

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Ep8 and others

Toaru Anbu no Item[]

Honey Queen Arc[]

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Item V2 - Other parts[5][6]

On August 6th one year prior to the main story, the district's roads were flooded as Typhoon 11 hit Academy City.[3][7] Under these conditions, Item broke into the Meltdowner research lab hidden in the district's portion of Hula Hoop ahead of Honey Queen's raid in order to ambush them.[3][7][8] Following the resultant battle, the lab would be shut down on August 8th and fully gone by August 9th.[6]

Known Locations[]

Location Type Details
Children's Park 5 [9]
Topaz Gym [9]
Secret Garden Mimosa [9]
Pricestore [9] (Several Branches)
Meltdowner Research Lab




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