School District 15 (第一五学区 Dai Ichi Go Gakku?) is Academy City's major shopping district.[1] It is bordered by School District 9 to the north, School District 21 to the northwest, School District 13 to the east, School District 2 to the south, and School District 7.

Not only does it contain shopping malls, but the district also holds facilities related to mass communication.[1]



A thoroughfare in School District 15 filled with pedestrians from the Railgun PSP game.

Academy City's largest shopping center is located in the school district.[2] Facilities for things such as television and mass communication can be frequently found in the district. The price of land is the highest in all of the districts in Academy City.[3]

Even in Academy City, the fashion in School District 15 is in the cutting edge, having a different style compared to its neighbor School District 7. The district is the center of fashions, and more people come to the district for fun than actually live in the district. Despite being a district geared towards leisure and entertainment such as karaoke boxes, arcades, outdoor pools, bowling alleys, and parks, there are still located in the district, and is the origin of the gang known as the Disciplinary Guides.[4]

The district has its own website that advertises it known as Entertainment Cursor.[4]

The district's subway station is incorporated into the Dianoid.[5]

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