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School District 17 (第一七学区 Dai Jū'nana Gakku?) is an area at the very edge of Academy City, it is essentially the industrial district in the city. It contains the Switchyard, or the Railway cargo storage bay, whither Accelerator and Kamijou Touma fought for the first time and ended the Level 6 Shift.


Far away from any residential district, its purpose is for producing items that are needed for research within Academy City; so they don't need to rely on the usual factories that are common in the outside world. The buildings in the industrial section are windowless and are highly organized, built to work for 24 hours a day.[1]

Furthermore, the school district is the place where agricultural buildings used for cloning of meat and growing of vegetables exist. It specializes in manufacturing industrial products in Academy City and is fully automated. The population is extremely small due to the automation compared to the other districts, and is comparatively darker than the other districts due to the lighting of only the factories that use automation.[2]

This is the place where the Space Carrots and the Genetically Improved Lettuce#3 are grown.[3]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S E15 06m 53s

Accelerator in the Switchyard.

The switchyard is a large area located within the district, and used similarly to a transit bus garage, wherein many trains are serviced and where they are kept. It is an area about as large as the demesne of an ordinary school, the grounds covered with gray and dirty gravel, interposed by the cold steel of train tracks, which ram over 10 rails that lined up next to each other. Old service garages, with their rattling shutters, met these lined rails, wherein the trains entered their square apertures. Metal containers of cargo and similar things, surrounded the metal fenced area. Left by and for freight trains that stopped in the area, they were lined atop of each other, making the once open area into a labyrinthine maze of metal corridors.[4]

Typical of cargo bays, equipment such as cranes are present.[5]


Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Sisters Arc[]

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Toaru Majutsu no Index E13 21m 45s

Accelerator initiates a dust explosion in the storage area of the switchyard.

The switchyard is used as the 10032nd battle experiment scenario of the Level 6 Shift, where Misaka 10032 is forced to battle Accelerator and is expected to be killed. Touma later does battle with Accelerator, and ends up ruining the area, and after much struggle, Accelerator obliterates the containers of the area with a dust explosion.

Much later, after Accelerator goes berserk, the area is nigh-completely blown away by Accelerator's use of wind. This is redacted from the anime from some reason.

Tree Diagram Remnant Arc[]

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Kuroko mentions that she found Mikoto's signature arcade coin used for her Railgun move in the obliterated Switchyard after Judgment along with Anti-Skill to clean up the place.[6]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Agitate Halation Arc[]

Main article: Agitate Halation Arc

Tsuchimikado Motoharu predicted that Maika would be used as a tool of negotiation against him as a reprisal for his investigation of the Agitate Halation Project, and was forced to use dark side tactics to protect her, something that he never hoped to do. He forced her to believe that she had to clean an automated factory in School District 17 as an extracurricular activity.[7]

Throughout the entire arc, Maika spent her time cleaning the factory, unaware of her brother's rampage and the riots of the "heroes" that occurred due to Agitate Halation.[8]

Salome Arc[]

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During Kihara Yuiitsu's preparations for her revenge against Kamisato Kakeru, she visited her mobile laboratory located in some Griffon Drivers parked in an abandoned factory in School District 17.[9]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Dream Ranker Arc[]

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School District 17 Factory

Glimpse of the factory fire during the discussion

Uiharu Kazari mentioned that a suspicious fire broke out in a School District 17 factory while talking with Shirai Kuroko about the situation concerning the treasure hunt app with accurate predictions for future incidents.[10]

Known Locations[]

Location Type Details
Automated Factory Factory [8]
Switchyard [4]
Misawa Cram School [11]
Prison A special prison is located here. This is the place where Kiyama Harumi is imprisoned after the event of the Level Upper Arc.[12]
District 17 Factory Factory [10]
Dark May Project's Main Laboratory Research Facility Abandoned after the project's failure.[13]



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