School District 18 (第一八学区 Dai Ichi Hachi Gakku?) is a school district found in Academy City. It is bordered by School District 7 to the west, School District 23 to the east, school districts 10, 11, and 22 to the south, and School District 5 to the north.

One of the larger school districts, it is a district where top schools in ability development are located.[1]


It is contains prestigious schools such as Nagatenjouki Academy and Kirigaoka Girls' Academy. It apparently uses a scholarship program that is separate from the one that is used in the rest of the city.[1]

The district's structured in a logical manner, however, one gets the feeling that the life there is thin, where the widths of the roads are uniform, and the architecture is designed for the people to not stray from the rules. When Shirai Kuroko was investigating Grim Reaper Kakiko, she criticizes the district as a prison for children but a paradise for adults.[2]

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