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School District 2 (第二学区 Dai Ni Gakku?) is a School District to the southwest of Academy City. Its primary focuses are training areas for Judgment and Anti-Skill, and military-related facilities.[1] The district is said to be dyed in the colors of heavy industry, especially with regards to vehicles, weapons and ammunition.[2]


SchoolDistrict2 Judgment

Judgment training grounds in School District 2, as seen from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

As stated, the main use for the district is for Anti-Skill and Judgment training facilities as well as military-related facilities.[1] The district is also a testing site for weapons and explosives. Models of shelters are also tested here, and are bombarded using shock waves from all directions to test their durability.[3] It is also where the stockpile of arms were stored, along with School District 23, after the end of World War III.[4][5]

Because the district is filled with facilities that are linked with things that makes a huge amount of noise, the district is covered in soundproof walls.[1] This equipment fires out reverse phase sound waves that lower ambient noise.[3][2] Experimental proving circuits are also located in the district - these circuits are commonly packed in tight.[2]

As the district specializes in vehicle development and the handling of explosives, its hospitals have expanded, with means of transporting delicate patients.[6]


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Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Battle Royale Arc[]

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Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Freshmen Arc[]

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St. Germain Arc[]

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Hamazura carried out test driving of the successor to the Dragon Rider prototype in a racing circuit.[2]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

New Year's Arc[]

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Around the start of the new year, the District 2 Firearms Museum had opened a historical weapons exhibit, with the opportunity to touch an Acht-Acht or PIAT under supervision from museum personnel, with a promotional advert seen on the Kamijou Residence's TV on January 2nd.[7] Misaka 19090 was working at the museum around this time, as part of the Sisters's work try-outs, though she blew off her duties on January 1st to visit a shrine in District 12.[8] On the morning of January 3rd, the museum's Acht-Acht was used by the Sisters to remotely fire on Alice Anotherbible's Gryphon, which was mauling Kamijou Touma in the Bridge Builders Cabal consulate in District 12.[9]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Daihasei Festival Arc[]

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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun: Cold Game[]

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Toaru Anbu no Item[]

Honey Queen Arc[]

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Although School District 2 was not directly involved in the events surrounding Item's battle with Honey Queen, their representative in Academy City's high school girls baseball tournament, Tonami Technical High School, was mentioned on news seen by members of Item on August 4th and 5th.[10][11]

Known Locations[]

Location Type Details
South External Connection Terminal Infrastructure [12]
Racing Circuit Research Facilities Hamazura carried out test driving of the successor to the Dragon Rider prototype at this circuit.[2]
Clone Dolly Research Facilities [13]
Exterior Research Facilities [14][15][13]
Unnamed university hospital Medical Facilities The university hospital where Asajimo Mebuki lectures and where her frozen sister Asajimo Saemi was transported during the Cold Sleep Murder Case.[6]
Judgment Training Ground [1]
School District 2 Anti-Skill Branch Anti-Skill branch in School District 2.[15]
Shiokishi's Shelter Shiokishi's base is one of District 2's experimental shelters, hidden among them.[3]
Firearm Museum Museum The museum has historical weapons on display, including an Acht-Acht and PIAT.[7][9]
Tonami Technical High School (戸波工業高校 Tonamikōgyōkōkō?) School

Given that Tonami Technical represented District 2 in Academy City's high school girls baseball tournament one year prior to the main story,[11] it is assumed that the school is located in the district.

Tonami was a first time competitor in the aforementioned tournament, three years after converting from a boys school.[11] The one known student on their baseball team was a Level 4 referred to as their Breaking Ball Princess (変化球のプリンセス Henkakyū no Purinsesu?).[10][11]

Notable Residents[]



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