School District 2 (第二学区 Dai Ni Gakku?) is a School District to the southwest of Academy City. It is bordered by the Kanagawa Prefecture to the south, School District 13 to the northwest, School District 15 and 7 to the north, and School District 10 the east.

The district's primary focus are training areas for Judgment and Anti-Skill, and military-related facilities.[1] The district is said to be dyed in the colors of heavy industry, especially with regards to vehicles, weapons and ammunition.[2]


SchoolDistrict2 Judgment

Judgment training grounds in School District 2, as seen from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

As stated, the main use for the district is for Anti-Skill and Judgment training facilities as well as military-related facilities.[1] The district is also a testing site for weapons and explosives. Models of shelters are also tested here, and are bombarded using shock waves from all directions to test their durability.[3] It is also where the stockpile of arms were stored, along with School District 23, after the end of World War III.[4]

Because the district is filled with facilities that are linked with things that makes a huge amount of noise, the district is covered in soundproof walls.[1] This equipment fires out reverse phase sound waves that lower ambient noise.[3][2] Experimental proving circuits are also located in the district - these circuits are commonly packed in tight.[2]

As the district specializes in vehicle development and the handling of explosives, its hospitals have expanded, with means of transporting delicate patients.[5]

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