School District 20 (第二〇学区 Dai Nijū Gakku?) is a school district found in the northwestern section of Academy City. A large district, it is bordered by both Western Tokyo and the Saitama District to the north of it, by School District 3 to the east, by School Districts 16 and 9 to the south, and by School District 17 to the southwest.[1]


Not much is known about the district except that the schools there are focused on raising athletic students along with their esper abilities.[1]

Schools related to sports engineering have established in the distinct. Moreover, sports associations in Academy City have their headquarters in the district. In education, the main priority of the schools there is club activities instead of academics, befitting its nature.[1]


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Known LocationsEdit

Location Type Details
Shinshikimi Middle School [2]
Shinasame University DNA Map Analysis Laboratory [3]


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