School District 21 (第二一学区 Dai Ni Ichi Gakku?) is the westernmost School District of Academy City. It is bordered to the east by School District 9, to the north by School District 17, to the south by School District 13, and to the west by Western Tokyo.

The district's primary use is for water storage,[1] and in astronomical observation facilities.[2]


Unlike School District 23, which is flat due to its many runways, School District 21 is a mountainous area.[2] The mountainous area holds many dams that act as the city's water source. The water is distributed to the whole of Academy City using pipes, from uses such as beverage service to industrial use.[1] The stars in the night sky can be seen more clearly in the district than the rest in the city.[3] Perhaps because of this, the district contains several astronomical observation facilities.[2] The area is also the location of an experimental geothermal power station situated on the mountain's peak,[4] and a large-scale meteorological observatory, which is also the base for the disaster recovery group Useful Spider.[5]

The district also keeps wilds animals due to its mountainous area.[3]

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