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School District 22 (第二二学区 Dai Nijū'ni Gakku?) is the smallest school district in terms of surface area in Academy City, with most of it being located deep underground. It is bordered by School District 7, School District 18, and School District 10. Its borders are close to Touma's dormitory.[1]

Only 2 square kilometers,[1] School District 22 is mainly used for developing technology for an underground complex in the faces of land shortages in major cities.[2]


Occupying only 2 square kilometers, it is the smallest district of all Academy City. However, it is developed underground about several hundred meters in depth, and is referred to as the district with the most scientific style.[1]

According to Kamijou Touma, underground complexes like School District 22 aren't suited for Japan, due to earthquakes. However, according to Itsuwa, the district is actually safe against earthquakes, and claims that the reason the district spirals underground is because it acts like a huge spring, which can absorb the impact when there's an earthquake, though Touma states that it is simply a baseless rumor.[1]

Above ground

Wind turbines above the School District 22

On the surface there were no buildings, as wind turbines cover the district. Moreover, the turbines in the surface were different from the rest that appears in Academy City. Here, the wind turbines are pile up or arranged on top of one another which resemble 30 story tall jungle gym. The reason being is that the underground complexes that extended downwards require a lot of electrical energy, and that the district cannot rely on regular wind-generated electricity or solar-generated electricity.[1]

Close-up of the stacked wind turbine variant

Most of the energy is uses to pump air in, absorbing oxygen in from the surface, removing the carbon dioxide accumulate below. Moreover, there is also a need to pump rainwater and wastewater up. With all those in consideration, 40% of the electricity consumed in Academy City is put into use for the large air pumps.

Below ground

Underground of the School District 22

Underground, the district is a giant cylindrical area, continuing to extend down the bottom in a spiral. The district is separated into 10 underground levels (階層 Kaisō?, Yen Press: strata, sing. stratum). The path into the underground complex has two lanes, one to go up and the other to go down, probably for vehicles.[1] However, there are also apparently pedestrian entrances like a spiral stairwell to another level.[3] The hardness of the floors of the district is equivalent to that of safety shelters.[4]

The ceilings on all of the underground complexes, in contrast to the orange lights in the tunnel that leads into the underground complex, the level has ceiling that has become a planetarium projection panel, made out of bulletproof fiber screen,[5] passing through a camera to form a an artificial night sky. The roof of the underground complexes is like a ceiling of a sports hall, supported by a large amount of metal frames that scatter the weight. However, since the architecture alone doesn't seem able to support its own weight, there are apparently other ways used to support it, though they are currently unknown.[1]

No Oxygen Alert

Since it acts like a projection screen, it can display typical announcements and news like the ones on the airships if needs be. Each level is probably equipped with buildings that can provide oxygen to people when there is a "no oxygen alert" in the level, and seal the entrances as so not to allow air to enter the building.[6]

Each level of the underground complex uses an artificial river that flows into a waterfall to generate power.[1]

Third Level

The Interior of the Third Level

The third level bears several buildings and establishments. Like all other levels of the underground complex, it uses a starry night sky ceiling. Moreover, it also has artificial forests and rivers. For the forest, the complex uses an agriculture tower to grow it, which aids in purifying the air and psychologically aids in providing the people residing there a sense of serenity. The water in the river is one of the most important sources of electricity there, as such, it has the river become a waterfall and use it to generate electricity like the rest of the levels.[1]


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Acqua of the Back Arc

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Known Locations

Location Type Details
Spa Resort Serene Springs Amusement and Leisure A popular and large spa resort in the third level that listed in the Academy City guidebook.[1][7]
Summer Resort Shelters A multistory nuclear shelter for VIPs. Baba Yoshio deactivated the security and used the shelter for himself.[8]
Emergency Resuscitation Hospital (救命救急病院?, Yen Press: emergency care hospital) Medical Facilities Hospital in the seventh level where Touma was taken after being brutally defeated by Acqua of the Back.[9]
Nature Park (自然公園?) Parks Park in the third level of the underground complex. Like all the forests in the level, it is the product of scientific water and cultivation technology.[6]
Android Development Plant Research Facilities [6]
Shizuna High School (静菜高校?) Schools The school's pool is apparently located in the district, though which level is unknown. Moreover, Shizuna High School and Judgment 105th branch are most likely located in the district as well.[10] The only known student is Tobio Yumi.[11]
Hydroelectric turbine power plant Infrastructures The plant is located in a level below the third level of the underground complex, and is near the ceiling of the 4th level. Its depth is apparently 20 meters from the surface and is spaced enough to allow someone to carry out all sorts of daily necessary activities.[12]
A highly-rated hotel Hotels It is located in the 7th level of the underground complex.[3]

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