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====Magic God Othinus Arc====
====Magic God Othinus Arc====
{{Main|Magic God Othinus Arc}}
{{Main|Magic God Othinus Arc}}
====Magic God Invasion Arc====
====Magic God Invasion Arc====
{{Main|Magic God Invasion Arc}}
{{Main|Magic God Invasion Arc}}
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School District 23

A panorama of a small portion of School District 23 as seen from the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime adaptation.

School District 23 (第二三学区 Dai Nijūsan Gakku?) is a school district in the very eastern part of Academy City. It is bordered by School District 6, 5, and 12 to the north, School District 18 to the west, School District 11 to the south, and Eastern Tokyo to the East.

It is the largest School District in the entire city, and with good reason, for the School District is used for aeronautics, space development, and airline flights. The district is so large that to travel from one place to another requires buses instead of walking.[1]


Primary Use

School District 23-logo

A CCTV video showing the district's logo, a circular logo with many squares in it.

School District 23 is a unique school district that completely specializes in aeronautical and astronautical engineering. Besides civilian aircraft, this place is where the fighter jets, protectors of Academy City’s airspace, and unmanned helicopters are developed.[2] Half of the things in School District 23 are runways, and satellite launch areas, with high perimeters surrounding them. The buildings, which include the control tower and the experimental areas, are rather large, several times the size of the school.[3]

Large portions of the district are covered by flat expanses of asphalt, in order to secure as much space as possible for runways and launch sites. The skies above the district are scheduled out to the second with digital control guidance to allow countless aircraft to constantly move safely through without collisions.[4]

Secondary Use

The district, along with School District 2, are one of the districts that can be used to store weapons used in war.[5] Not only that, the district can also apparently handle the chemical Hydrazine that is used for the City's rockets.[6]

A direct railroad line leading from School District 23 to School District 3, allows foreigners to quickly access the luxurious hotels and facilities of the district.[7]


Besides the international airport that is used for foreign tourists to arrive and depart, all the other parts on the map are just blank. This blank means that this isn’t a place to recommend for touring.[2]

School District 23 not only protects itself, but those of School District 11 as well. The security robots have a special communications line with School District 23. When they sound the alarm, it’s sent directly to the control area in School District 23, the Air Superiority Preservation Control Center, and the Six Wings are then called in to District 11.[8]

Despite its high security, which is at its highest during the Daihaseisai,[2] Academy City has set up a touring route for the district, allowing tourists to ride buses and tour the district,[9] and of course, there are places that are open for its citizens to use, like the airport.

Aside from intentional trouble, the security drones patrolling the district also act to eliminate the risks from bird strikes and windborne plastic bags.[4]

Places of interest

Academy City International Airport

Toaru Majutsu no Index II E12 21m 15s

Oriana Thomson and Kamijou Touma face off against each other as night falls on the district.

The International Airport is the only airport in Academy City.[10] It was built for tourists from outside of Academy City, though seeing as Touma and Index were able to make use of it, it can be assumed that the citizens of the city can use the airport as well. The planes on the airport, specifically, the Supersonic Passenger Plane can apparently carry out direct flights to Marco Polo Airport in Venice.[11]

A shopping center is located 1.5 kilometers from the airport, it can be assumed that it is located in the district as well.[12]

School District 23 Terminal Station

The district has only one station. It is an enormous terminal station that is connected to all roads in the district, and is comparable to an international airport.[13]

There are 8 ordinary train lanes, 5 subway lines, 2 high speed monorail lines and 4 bus lanes at the bus terminal that's outside of the main entrance. Moreover, there are also a special delivery lane and a VIP-only lane that's not opened for ordinary people.[13] The lines for the cargo trains go to the switchyard, where they are serviced and where the trains with a large number of containers could unload.[14]

Other places


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