School District 3 (第三学区 Dai San Gakku?) is the northernmost district in Academy City. It is bordered by the Saitama Prefecture to the north, School District 14 to the east, School District 4 and 16 to the south, and School District 20 to the west.

Its primary focus is for accommodating authorized outsiders, which includes hotels and restaurants.[1]


It is the school district that has accommodations for its authorized outsiders. There, the district contains a number of international exhibition halls,[1][2] which promotes state-of-the-art technology from Academy City to its guests.[1] As such, there were always multiple events being held in District 3, such as motor shows, robot shows, and specifically, the Interceptor Show. Technology that the Board of Directors had deemed of an acceptable level to be used outside the city was on display and the outside company that gave the best deal was chosen (Academy City did not "look for" them, they merely "chose"), and that company would pay them vast amounts for that tech.[2]

A direct railroad line leading from School District 23 to School District 3, allows foreigners to quickly access the luxurious hotels and facilities of the district that were the highest in all of Academy City.[2]

Celebrities tended to gather in the district,[3] and use ethanol-based fuels for their car to have a distinction between the fuel they put in their cars and the fuel normal people put in theirs.[4]

The district is also well known for its rentable Private Salons, as used by Hamazura Shiage and ITEM.


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Known LocationsEdit

Location Type Details
North External Connection Terminal
Private Salon
School District 3 Underground Shopping Center
Botanical Ethanol Fuel Plant
International Convention Center (国際会議場?) An unnamed conference building in which there have at least been one meeting between the Board of Directors and leaders of other nations. It was targeted by terrorists on August 1, but their plot was foiled by the combined efforts of Uiharu Kazari, Yomikawa Aiho, Sangaku Youko, and Anti-Skill.[5]
International Exhibition Hall (国際展示ホール?) A dome-shaped exhibition hall which promotes the latest tech from Academy City that the Board of Directors had approved as of an acceptable level to be outside of the city. The Interceptor Show was held at this venue.[2]
L.S.S. Headquarters The headquarters of L.S.S., located at a corner between several major roads, consisting of a three buildings between 30 and 40 stories tall, forming the corners of a triangle and connected by mid-air walkways. The area around the distinctive tri-tower was covered in greenery.[6]


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