School District 5 (第五学区 Dai Go Gakku?) is a school district in the middle of Academy City. It is bordered by School District 7 to the west, School District 18 and 23 to the south, School District 6 to the east, and School District 4 and 1 to the north.

The district's primary focus are universities and junior colleges,[1] as well as accomodations to the students therein.


Toaru Majutsu no Index II E11 10m 05s

Oriana Thomson senses Tsuchimikado Motoharu tracking her inside the district.

The district is different from School District 7 as it has many colleges and universities. Although the rows and rows of buildings form buildings in District 7 make a sophisticated feeling, the restaurant and clothes shops have a more mature feeling compared to other districts,[2] much more so than School District 15, which has the latest fashion trends.

Being that is the main district over college students, the ranks and reputations of buildings and establishments such as department stores are much higher and have an overall relaxed atmosphere. The district has an overall relaxed atmosphere. Despite this, because of its nature in catering to college and university students, many establishments are not available for many teenagers.[1]

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