School District 6 (第六学区 Dai Roku Gakku?) is a school district at the eastern part of Academy City. It is bordered by School District 19 to the north, School District 12 to the east, School District 23 to the south, School District 5 to the west, and School District 4 to the northwest.

The districts primary focus are recreational facilities, which also includes an amusement park.[1][2][3]


Whilst seemingly having the same purpose as School District 15, which focuses on leisure and entertainment through, the district focuses on recreational facilities as well as having an amusement park. The district apparently attracts tourists as well as swindlers who are attracted by their presence.[1]


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Last Order is released from the hospital by Heaven Canceller. Since Yomikawa Aiho couldn't be there to pick Last Order up, she had a taxi waiting for Last Order already paid. Last Order tries to use it to go to an amusement park, but Heaven Canceller makes sure the driver doesn't do that.[3]

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The amusement park is mentioned by Misaka Mikoto while fleeing from the High Priest.[2]

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Amusement Park Leisure [3][2]


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