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School District 7 Multilevel Overpass (第七学区・多層陸橋?) is located in School District 7 of Academy City. As the name indicates, it is an overpass that has several floors on it, though some are used for uses other than roads.[1] It is the site where climax of the main story of the Ichihanaran Festival Arc occurs, where several battles take place on the overpass damaging parts of it.


Second Level of Multilevel Overpass

Twelve boarding areas for a large scale bus roundabout were all connected by the overpass. From the distance, it looks like an entire sports field created out of concrete. The top level, which could be called the "third floor", was made into a giant road, while the underground area was filled with a complicated array of underground pathways that doubled as a shopping area,[1] similar to the School District 7 Underground Shopping Center. Due to the overpass' structure, one can jump from the road up top, as what Touma did, who despite being injured previously is unharmed after his jump.[1]

Due to its complex properties, it is commonly used in escape scenes for police dramas.[1]

During the Ichihanaransai, for efficiency's sake, the roundabout is abandoned as so that people could head to the different schools more efficiently, the routes had been specially changed to go directly from school to school.[1]

List of known floors