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This article is about the Underground Shopping Center found in School District 7. For the similarly named shopping center found in School District 3, see School District 3 Underground Shopping Center.

The Underground Shopping Center (地下街 Chikagai?) or Underground Mall refers to the network of underground streets located underneath Academy City, specifically, in School District 7, that operates as a large shopping mall.


Kamijou Touma, Index, and Kazakiri Hyouka visit the Underground Mall.

Like School District 22,[1] the Underground Shopping Center is one of the many underground streets that exist in Academy City. Underground streets like the Underground Shopping Center, are experiments in Academy City. Due to the limited land of Japan, and because it was earthquake prone, there was a need to construct the best construction technology, and Academy City was used as an experimental site for this, so various areas around Academy City had been dug up.[2]

The underground mall has many interconnecting streets and levels, linking to many department stores, game arcades, karaoke boxes, live houses, cafeterias, restaurants, and others, like a maze. It also has a train station.[2] Apparently, to prevent flooding in the underground street during a flood, separation walls were created, what's more, they are used to close down the streets when there is an emergency.[3] Because it is underground, the mobile phone reception, as such, there are antennas that can be used to get reception.[4]

Moreover, Ryouran Maid School apparently has a home economics shop in the mall.[5]


Kazakiri Hyouka Arc[]

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The Underground Mall is the primary location of the arc, with Sherry Cromwell invading it due to the fact that Kamijou Touma, Index, and Kazakiri Hyouka, her targets, are all inside the mall. The battle between Touma and Anti-Skill against Sherry and her golem, decimates several parts of the Underground Mall.

Academy City Invasion Arc[]

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Last Order and Accelerator reunite in the Underground Mall.

The mall is once again featured before Vento of the Front's invasion, where Misaka Mikoto's punishment game for Kamijou Touma takes place. Due to Daihaseisai, the repair of the underground mall has been hastened, removing all signs of damage from September the 1st.[6]

Skill-Out Uprising[]

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Before Touma winds up trying to save Misaka Misuzu from Skill-Out, he, Index, and his entire class go to the underground mall go to a sukiyaki shop Tsuchimikado Motoharu is familiar with.

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