School District 8 (第八学区 Dai Hachi Gakku?) is a small school district located near the middle of Academy City. It is bordered by School District 16 to the north, School District 1 to the west, School District 7 to the south, and School District 9 to the west.

The school district is mainly used for the accomodation of the faculty.[1]


As stated before, the district is mainly used for the faculty rather than the students. The school district is also the place where most of the married couples live.[1] Apartment complexes in the district are also rented out by the wealthy for their use as large closets.[2]

In the district, there are areas where the old townscapes are fused with new buildings.[1] Uiharu Kazari refers to the district as having the best taiyaki stall in the city.[3]


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Long-established Taiyaki Stall (老舗のたい焼き屋 Shinise no Taiyaki-ya?) [3]

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