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A conference center in School District 9 as seen in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T.

School District 9 (第九学区 Dai Kyū Gakku?) is a school district found inside the western parts of Academy City. It borders School District 20 to the north, School District 16 to the northeast, School District 8 to the east, School District 7 to the southeast, School District 15 to the south, School District 21 to the west, and School District 17 to the northwest.

The school district's focus is for schools related to industrial and fine arts.[1]


Schools related to arts and crafts are concentrated in the district. Everything that falls in the field of performing arts uses hologram technology instead of traditional methods.[1]

The district also has a regulation that is unique to it. In the district, hierarchy based on seniority which is a staple in Japanese society is completely abolished, and is instead, the hierarchical structure of the district is based on pure ability alone.[1]

The district also contains parks where, according to Saten Ruiko, if one asks for a portrait in one of them, one could get scouted as a model. The veracity of the rumor is unconfirmed.[2]


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