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School District 9 (第九学区 Dai Kyū Gakku?) is a school district found inside the western parts of Academy City. The district's focus is for schools related to industrial and fine arts.[1]


Theatre Performance

A performance of commedia dell'arte at a District 9 theatre.

Schools related to arts and crafts are concentrated in the district. Everything that falls in the field of performing arts uses hologram technology instead of traditional methods.[1]

The district also has a regulation that is unique to it. In the district, hierarchy based on seniority which is a staple in Japanese society is completely abolished, and is instead, the hierarchical structure of the district is based on pure ability alone.[1]

The district also contains parks where, according to Saten Ruiko, if one asks for a portrait in one of them, one could get scouted as a model. The veracity of the rumor is unconfirmed.[2]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

Daihasei Festival Arc[]

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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E08 13m 14s

The conference center, as seen in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T.

A conference center in the district was to hold the International Esper Powers Research Conference on September 20th, the second day of the Daihaseisai, with Kihara Gensei supposed to be in attendance. Shokuhou Misaki attempted to capture him there with help from Misaka Mikoto, only to find a decoy, with the real Gensei going after Exterior.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

First Year Arc[]

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Academic Theatre

The exterior of the academic theatre.

During October in the year before the main story, students of Tokiwadai Middle School visited several places in the district as part of their art appreciation elective, including a private art museum and an academic theatre, the latter of which suffered a fire backstage during a performance of commedia dell'arte.[10]

Toaru Anbu no Item[]

Dark Justice Arc[]

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Item made two visits to the district's landmark Moe Bells on August 29th and August 30th, one year before the main story.[11][12][13][14] During their first visit, they inadvertently ran into their current enemy Sadistic Dolls while looking for somewhere to eat.[11][12][13] On their second visit, they had a video investigator in one of its VRTuber streaming studios look at video footage of Shiratori Okibi in order to verify their opponent's identity.[14] At the same time, Yamagami Erina, Konori Mii and Yanagisako Aomi were attaching missing person posters to wind turbine supports in the district.[14]

Known Locations[]

Location Type Details
Academic Theatre Theatre The city's first classic theatre, active at least in October one year before the main story. The theatre was visited by students of Tokiwadai Middle School for their art appreciation elective.[10] The theatre holds 2000 people.[15]
Conference Center Convention center The International Esper Powers Research Conference (国際能力研究者会議 Kokusai Nōryoku Kenkyūsha Kaigi?) was held here at 14:00 on September 20th.[3]
Beauty Salon Specialty School School [2]
Private art museum Museum The art museum was visited by students of Tokiwadai Middle School for their art appreciation elective, in October one year before the main story.[10]
General Tower for Next-Generation Information and Arts Also known as Moe Bells, the 49-story building is part of a pair of towers, with its neighboring twin known as Hot-Blooded Bells.[11] A landmark of the district, the building has over 500 shops open to the public, with movie theatres, event halls, media production companies and voice acting agencies, with much of it relating to anime and video games.[11]



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