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Science Guardian (サイエンスガーディアン Saiensu Gādian?) or the Anti-Academy City Science Guardian (反学園都市サイエンスガーディアン Han Gakuen Toshi Saiensu Gādian?) is an organization that was formed after the November 10th invasion of Hawaii by Trident from the 27 Cooperative Institutions of Academy City, due to the intervention of several Academy City personnel (Kamijou Faction) during the invasion.[1]

Their goal was to at the time of the tournament was to break the unipolar centralized system of Academy City,[2] the foremost scientific authority of supernatural phenomenon.


Prior to the invasion of Hawaii, the 27 cooperative institutions worked together with Academy City. Mostly with things such as allocating resources, obtaining various information, as well as dealing with legal issues.[3] Most importantly, they were entrusted with Academy City to take care of the Sister clones after the Level 6 Shift Project was cancelled.[2]


As they are individual groups of cooperative institutions based in several countries,[1] it can be assumed that each institution is of its own. However, since they group themselves as a discrete organization, it can be assumed that they have a proper governing body composed of several members from each organization.

By the time of Natural Selector Tournament, the organization is separated into three groups, with each one governing one aspect of the city, and its members having some power and control over on one aspect.[2]

Political and Military

The organization is powerful enough to buy the entirety of Baggage City from a military organization, and entice 3 million people into Baggage City,[4] and at least 100 participants for Natural Selector.[5]

In terms of military strength, though the organization has superior compared to most of the world, other than Academy City,[6] due to the fact they have borrowed the technology from Academy City at the time when the two organizations were still allies, the Science Guardian still lack the proper military training for the personnel for use of the technology,[2] perhaps due to the hasty nature of their of the group's creation.


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Hawaii Invasion Arc

Main article: Hawaii Invasion Arc

Due to the manipulations of Leivinia Birdway for the purpose of luring out the core members of GREMLIN, the group somehow managed to see that personnel from Academy City, (Kamijou Touma and company) intervened to stop the invasion by Trident. The 27 Cooperative Institutions sever ties with Academy City.[1]

Baggage City Arc

Main article: Baggage City Arc

As the main focus of the arc, the Science Guardians bought off Baggage City, and had hastily set-up the Natural Selector tournament to determine a new standard to replace Academy City's espers. Here, it is revealed that the Sister clones that were entrusted to them have disappeared, and destroyed all traces of their existence in their records. The Science Guardians later contact GREMLIN and had them help them, not knowing their true purpose of using them, the tournament, and the city, for Othinus' plans.

The true use of the competition for the Science Guardians is later revealed, as it was to gather the participants part of the Anti-Academy City Science Guardians. They needed only the strength of the participants supporting them from behind, as so they could expand their power, increase their range of control and try to fight against Academy City.[5]

At the end of the arc, several of the top leaders of the organization are dead, and they are forced to sign the agreements presented by Kihara Yuiitsu of Academy City.[7]