Seachel (セアチェル?) is a minor character in the Toaru Majutsu no Index SS:Norse Mythology. She is the girl who acted as a test subject for Ellasone and the one who reported his disappearance to Kanzaki's group.


She is a girl with a blonde hair that has a strong mix of gold and light brown. The blue of her veins could be seen below her white skin. She wore a red dress. She gave an overall delicate impression and she had a distinctive way of swinging her body back and forth while she walked[1].


She is the kind of person that does not stay in one place, thus her affinity in escaping. She was oddly lacking in full range of emotions and things she like and dislike; it was like someone from a cheap drama or movies. She worries about Ellasone and trusted him despite the fact that she was used as a test subject for all of his constraints. To her, Ellasone was the one who gave her a purpose in life and will chase after him no matter where he went, even if he dies[1][2].


She was abandoned by her parents and sold her to human-trafficking when she was around 10. However, when the strange men were about to take her, Ellasone saved her. After that, Ellasone took her to a child protection agency, but she always escapes hoping to see Ellasone once again until there came a time wherein Ellasone himself was the one who captures her whenever she escapes. Ellasone then took her in, though technically, she lived with the old couple in a nearby house. Since she realized that she has an affinity for escaping and Ellasone is an expert in capturing, she then offered to be a test subject for him to which he initially refused but later complied, thinking he gave her a purpose in life[1].


Toaru Majutsu No Index SS: Norse MythologyEdit

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Seachel was the person who contacted Kanzaki's group regarding the disappearance of Ellasone. Kanzaki then asked the wherabouts of Ellasone but Seachel responded that she didn't know, and if ever she knew it, she would find him on her own and wouldn't need to rely on Kanzaki's group. Kanzaki wondered about Seachel's relationship to Ellasone, but the latter assures her that it isn't something she is imagining. Seachel then told Kanzaki about her past and how she met Ellasone and gave her a purpose in life[1].


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