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Security robots

Security robots responding to an illegal electrical activity.

A Security Robot (警備ロボ Keibi Robo?) is an automated cylindrical machine designed to protect security, and enforce rules. It is specifically stated as a mobile criminal surveillance device.[1] Each unit costs 1.2 million yen.[2][3]

It can be found all over and only in Academy City. Like the Cleaning Robot, it is cylindrical in shape, and with it, it is one of the most noticeable features of the scientific advancement of the city.


It is cylindrical in appearance and is designed specifically to look like a metal container with rollers underneath for mobility. It also has a green circular device that in the front seems to glow red when alarmed.

It was originally designed as a puppy robot, but the puppy robots attracted children's attention too easily, making it hard for the robot to move about. As such, all of the robots were modified to look like metal cylinders.[2]

In open grounds, it is shown to be always in groups.



Anti-Skill tactics

Security robots being used by Anti-Skill.

One defining characteristic of the machine is to stand on its legs which are usually folded and kept inside the robot, to look larger and intimidating.[4] They are also shown to be able to at least stand on one leg,[5] as well as being able to stand back up if it falls down.[1]

The security robot is also made to climb up over various changes in the terrain and could operate elevators using infrared signals. However, if there are certain obstacles that cannot be avoided, they would repeat the process of trying to overcome it a certain number of times until they put a hold on it and overlook for the time being to go somewhere else.[6]


The security robot possesses its own robotic voice which it uses to alert people and report to superiors.[5] It also has basic knowledge of Academy City laws such as student curfews or violations in regard to using esper powers; accompanying this is a siren.


Companies and other establishments use the robot for security purposes, for example, patrol duty's or handling ne'er-do-wells. Most importantly, the robot is part of Anti-Skill's strategy, and is used in front of formations before an Anti-Skill personnel,[7] as well as a barrier during firefights,[8] implying that it is strong enough to withstand some bullet fire.

It has a compartment that can open up just under its siren to reveal a net launcher used to capture suspects.[9][10] They are also apparently capable of storing water and using to put out small fires.[11]



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