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The September space launches were a series of events where an unusual amount of rockets and spacecraft were launched into space by various countries and states, including Academy City in September of the current year of the timeline. In the original novel, various countries launched rockets into space in order to retrieve the Remnant of Tree Diagram, though the race later expanded to various other enterprises after the release of other stories.


Retrieval of Remnant[]

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After Index unknowingly destroyed Tree Diagram back in the 28th of July, the knowledge of it's destruction was seemingly kept secret by Academy City. However, it became quite apparent with that Academy City could not keep it's demise a secret any longer; such as the inaccurate weather predictions, as well as at some point 8 countries with space programs, as well as some 19 unnamed organizations,[1] desiring to seek out the remains of the destroyed super computer with under the cover of "showing-off" their space programs to the world (with the number of space programs having risen due to the advent of air launching), and to prove their reliability to sponsors.[2]

Despite the other countries' efforts, Academy City's space program based in the 23rd School District was successful in recovering the Remnant of Tree Diagram, and hired people from the outside of Academy City to deliver the Remnant (though unaware of the contents of the luggage bag),[3] that was encased in a radiation-proof, air-tight luggage bag made out of silicorundum to the Tokiwadai Middle School Subsidiary Calculus Facility, a code to hide the true recepient of the Remnant.[2] Meanwhile, Musujime Awaki is assigned by the Science Association to retrieve the Remnant, with this her mission she also receives voluntary aid from her comrades as well.[4]

List of countries and organizations involved[]

Venus Probe Contest[]

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Due to the delicate nature of constructing a space elevator in both foreign relations and in the relations between the magic and science side, Academy City used the contest as an excuse to launch materials for the construction of the spaceport of Endymion.[5] It can be assumed that Academy City started the contest in the first place.

The contest is free for anyone to enter, from projects put together by the European Union, other groups made up of multiple nations, down to regional efforts run by local shopping districts. The scale is so large that at least 400 rockets entered the contest, and that in Academy City as of September 10 of the timeline, the rate of rockets being fired form School District 23 was at a rate of about one in every 10 minutes.[6]


The last known launch in September is the space launch conducted by Kamijou Touma, Index, and Kanzaki Kaori, in their attempt to infiltrate the Endymion space elevator.[7] It can be assumed that the launches promptly stop after the destruction of the space elevator as well as the advent of the increasing tension between Academy City and the Roman Catholic Church.