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Setali S. Skinikia (セタリー=S=スキーニキヤ Setari S. Sukinikiya?) is a security guard from one of Academy City's cooperative institutions, who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall Demonstration.


Setali is described as a tall woman with long blonde hair and white skin. She also appeared to be around college age.[1]


She seems to have a cheerful demeanor as seen when first greeted Misaka with a sudden hug.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall DemonstrationEdit

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She is introduced as Misaka Mikoto's guide while visiting Russia as part of a demonstration to one of Academy City’s cooperative institutions in Russia. She also introduces Misaka to the Semi-Open AR system, explaining its functionality to her as she takes her to tour the demonstration center, where to break the tension between them when both think too much on the circumstances that arise around the demonstration, she tells her about the "very valuable orange" story.[1] Afterwards she shows Misaka to her hotel room while explaining that Academy City has set up her tight schedule and does not want her to leave her room other than for the demonstration.[2]

Later she is revealed to be the author of the Project Code EIC report.[3] After hearing that Misaka had escaped from a security guard office and her current whereabouts in the shopping mall were unknown, since it would be suspicious if she left the city she planed to hide in one of the hotels in the city using a fake name. Unfortunately Misaka was already waiting for her inside Setali's apartment. Misaka then promptly interrogates her on her knowledge of the other "very valuable oranges" that are still loose in the city. She then reveals that she is currently suspected in the incident because the rumor was spreading in both Academy City and the shopping mall at the exact same time and she had purposefully spread the rumor while creating an incident identical to it while being the only person who has gone between both cities. Setali then explains that she only just heard the story herself. Misaka does not believe her as being the author of Project Code EIC report.


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