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Setrua (セートルア Sētorua?) is a member of the magic cabal Those who Know the Rune of the God’s Sword who was interrogated by Kanzaki Kaori after the cabal's destruction by Brunhild Eiktobel.[1]


Setrua shares the same spite that the rest of his cabal hold for Brunhild for being a Valkyrie-Saint and believes they did nothing wrong in attacking her.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Kanzaki[]

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Setrua was among the victims when his cabal was attacked, first by Kanzaki Kaori who was investigating the attacks against Norse cabals and then by Brunhild Eiktobel who was taking revenge upon the five Norse cabals that had tormented her. Like the rest of his cabal, he had his arms, legs, one eye and a portion of one of his organs crushed, as well as having a healing-inhibiting rune placed inside his lungs.[1]

Later while being treated in a Necessarius hideout, he was approached by Kanzaki who told him to tell her everything he knew about Brunhild. Setrua was reluctant to speak but complied when Kanzaki mentioned that Brunhild told her that they'd meet again when Gungnir was complete. He told her about Brunhild's nature as a Valkyrie and a Saint and how his cabal and four others had united to attack her cabal out of fear that she would cause pure Norse magic to go into decline, being of a mixed nature and strong enough that others would follow her. When Kanzaki coldly pointed out how they'd acted out of jealousy and brought enough strength to start a war against innocent people who didn't even have proper weapons, Setrua angrily defended their actions, claiming that they did nothing wrong, were justly defending their own culture and that it was Brunhild's fault for being born a Saint.[1]

As Setrua continued to vainly shout out his selfish and spiteful claims, Brunhild started to speak through his mouth, straining his body. Brunhild revealed the facts Setrua had hidden, about what they did after the attack on her cabal, how they'd pursued her continuously afterwards, dug up the graves she'd made and fed the bodies to wolves, attacked small cabals so they'd feel threatened and not support her, and killed children with no connection to magic just for speaking to her as she lay collapsed by the roadside, before capturing her half a year ago. She then told Setrua that she had just destroyed the Hammer that Tempers Gold within the Earth and having crushed all five cabals, would now act true to the name "Hel" that they forced on her by sending them all to the underworld.[1]

After revealing that she would soon complete Gungnir, Brunhild gave Setrua a choice, letting him bite his own tongue if he didn't want to experience the hellish pain she'd give once she had Gungnir. He immediately tried to do so but Kanzaki stuck her hand into his mouth to prevent him from killing himself. The Jeans Shop Owner then dislocated his jaw with a kick to get him to stop.[1]