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Sha Danshan (沙 淡扇シア=タンシャン Shia Tanshan?) is a student of Tokiwadai Middle School who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.[1] She was the leader of the largest clique of Tokiwadai Middle School, one year prior to the main story.


Her name is Chinese in origin. Her first name Dànshàn means "frail fan", while her last name Shā means "sand".


Sha has red eyes and long black hair, with a white lace headband tucked over several of her fringes. She wears a red flower brooch on the left side of her hair and a pair of glasses with rounded rectangular frames, the left frame resembling a stylized teary-eyed expression. She wears the Tokiwadai Middle School uniform, sporting dark-colored stockings. She holds a panda doll.[1][2] She doesn't wears a bra despite having big breasts.[3]


Sha carries around a panda doll, which Hasekura remarked she couldn't talk without.[4] She uses a lot of four character idioms in her speech.[3]


At the start of Misaka Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki's first year at Tokiwadai Middle School, Sha was in her second year and leader of one of Tokiwadai's 'big three' cliques. Said to be the closest to the title of "Majesty" at the time, her clique was the largest.[1]

Sha and her clique believed that the gifted had a duty to do volunteer work (such as buying and greening deserts) and its members were dedicated to service, earning them popularity and power. It was suggested that their efforts might have been to thank for Tokiwadai being considered one of the top five schools. It was also suggested that the secret to Sha's popularity might have been the protective desire inspired by her weakness and frailty, having a weak constitution and being nicknamed the Infirmary Empress (保健室の女帝 Hoken-shitsu no Jotei?).[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

First Year Arc

Main article: First Year Arc


Sha using remain-based Psychometry on a piece of fossil to reproduce a dinosaur.

Her esper ability is remain-based Psychometry that can physically print out the result, but it burns down the original material afterwards. She can temporarily reproduce the image and sound of a dinosaur with a piece of fossil, making her ability very useful in archaeology.[5] Her level is currently unknown, but as a student of Tokiwadai Middle School, it can be presumed to be at Level 3 or 4.



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