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Sherry Cromwell (シェリー=クロムウェル Sherī Kuromuweru?) is a magician affiliated with 0th Parish of the Anglican Church, Necessarius. A woman with an incredibly wild and slovenly appearance, she is the sect's talented decoder. She is a magician that utilizes Kabbalistic principles to create her own brand of magic. A self-proclaimed woman who has "as many convictions are there are stars," she is introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index as an antagonistic character but is a key ally to Touma and company later on.


She’s over 25 years old, has blond hair and brown skin that’s inherited from foreign blood, her hair is all messy, maybe due to the way it was maintained as if it was a cheap wig for a play. If it’s were seen from the back, it would be like a lion full of mane. The pitch-black clothing has frills all over the edges; it’s completely of a gothic style. However, the fabric of the dress is tattered all over the place, and the lace is slightly yellowish. Seems like this clothing isn’t deliberately worn for the occasion, but is worn as usual wear.[2]

While she is in the Anglican Church Women's Dormitory, she normally just wears a light double negligee.[3]


Due to her traumatic experiences, she is a troubled and self-proclaimed woman who has "as many convictions are there are stars," and has been shown to be quite conflicted, wanting to take vengeance on her dead friend, but also not wanting to hurt others. What's consistent that is she just didn't want to lose her friend.[4] Sherry is also a brusque woman, with a tone of voice that is described as being both man and woman.[5], as well as having a ridiculously heavy sound, as if she was a songstress who damaged her vocal cords due to smoking.[6] Despite knowing Kanzaki Kaori, she refers to her carelessly as a Far East girl,[3] and to Lucia and Angelene as Nun number 1 and Nun number 2, respectively.[7] However, perhaps it was this quirk that allowed her to quickly force Orsola Aquinas out of her oafishness when conversing with her in important matters.[8]

In her free time, she sleeps in, and does sculpting, after renting out another room in the dorms for the sole purpose of sculpting, which she can get into to the point that she will forget breakfast.[9]


A young Sherry Cromwell.

She was apparently a member of Necessarius even when she was a child. Twenty years prior to the start of the series, Sherry was part of a secret cell,[4] that was created within the Anglican Church to create a Magician-Esper hybrid. She was the one who taught the esper known as Ellis Warrior, a child like her, magic and spell, and became good friends with him. However, when Ellis tried to use magic, the contradictions between magic and AIM proved fatal for Ellis, which burst his blood vessels and severely injuring him. At which point, operatives of the Knights of England came and destroyed the institution that Sherry and Ellis were in after the higher-ups of the Anglican Church realized that they were in contact with the science side, under the pretext of preventing the leakage of magic teachings and secrets, however, the true intention was because they didn't want magic to have any contact with science. The knights then killed Ellis, who used himself as a shield providing Sherry enough time to escape.[4] The event traumatized Sherry, leading her to have suspicion over both the magic and science sides coming together, and dedicated her magic name and her golem in his name, due to the fact that he was the first thought that came into her mind. She also sculpts statues and busts of him in her free time.[9]

In the course of her life, she has attained the highest honor of emblems restoration and interpretation at the Royal Academy of Arts,[2] and is referred to as its head.[3] She often does lectures to the students there. She is so renowned that the British Museum and St. George's Cathedral would ask her to do some artistic identification and restoration.[8]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

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Sherry is lured into Academy City by Aleister Crowley to complete a part of his plan into controlling the Imaginary Number District, through its key, Kazakiri Hyouka. It is unknown how Aleister lured her, as she did not know that Kazakiri Hyouka was the Key of the Imaginary Number District. What can be deduced is that Aleister used her suspicions between the magic and science sides causing another tragedy similar to what has happened twenty years ago, with information regarding the Index Librorum Prohibitorum being in the possession of the Imagine Breaker, as well as the Key to the Imaginary Number District. According to Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Sherry was a puppet who thought that she was fighting against the evil power in order to protect her own world.[10] She intended to start a war with each other, but as the self-proclaimed woman who has "as many convictions are there are stars," she had great doubts and conflicting motivations, one of which was just wanting to make both magic and science side think they were going into the war in order to isolate themselves from each other, up to wanting to stop. However, one common conviction furthers all others, which is that she just didn't want to lose her dear friend.[4]

Sherry pinned down by Kuroko.

Before 7 AM, Sherry Cromwell breaks into Academy City, making no secret that she is from the Church of England.[11] Tsuchimikado Motoharu notifies this to Aleister Crowley with the intention of facing and killing her, to preserve the balance between the two sides, at the expense of outing himself publicly as a spy. He is however told by Aleister Crowley he need not raise his hand as her appearance will result in shortening his plan in controlling the Imaginary Number District, with the use of the Imagine Breaker, Kamijou Touma.[2] She breaks through the entrance of Academy City, injuring 15 people and critically injuring three others in her way in, forcing Academy City's Automatic Alert System to turn code red, forcing Judgment to look for her. She is inevitably found by Shirai Kuroko, who engages her in battle after warning civilians. At first, Sherry is taken aback by Kuroko's teleportation abilities and is quickly pinned down by her. However, she quickly turns the tables and locks her into the ground using Golem Ellis, disabling her teleportation due to the pain. Sherry then summons an arm to finish her, but if it wasn't for the timely arrival of Misaka Mikoto, who destroys arm. Due to Sherry's quick thinking, she uses the golem arm as a distraction, and in its destruction, gives enough smoke and dust to conceal her escape.[11]

Touma faces off against Golem Ellis.

After getting away from them, Sherry uses her pastel chalk to summon Golem Ellis in the form of small eyes and later uses Automatic Writing to discover the name of the Key of the Imaginary Number District. She orders the golem eyes to search for the name that her Automatic Writing has made out.[12] She apparently wandered around in or near the mall, as Judgment and Anti-Skill have ordered an immediate evacuation order. She later finds them in the School District 7 Underground Shopping Center, and much to her glee, she finds them together. She immediately attacks the mall, forcing the mall to close its and shutters.[6] She is then forced to contend with Anti-Skill, and with the use of Golem Ellis, completely overwhelms them. She later meets Touma and spouts on how it doesn't need to be him that she has to kill. She makes no effort to hide that she is from the Anglican Church, introducing herself from it to Touma, surprising him, as Index came from the same denomination. Here, Sherry declares that she wants war, and wants a reason for it, telling him that she wants as many people as it is possible to know. She orders Golem Ellis to attack, but to protect Touma, the still able-bodied Anti-Skill attack with their rifles, chipping away at it, but to no avail. While the hail of bullets fly, Touma hears footsteps behind him to discover Kazakiri Hyouka. As the battle goes on, debris hits her square in the face, utterly obliterating a side of her head. Here, Sherry too is stunned and watches as Hyouka breaks down. In her terror, however, she runs towards the wrong direction, to which Sherry orders Golem Ellis to attack her, downing her, but she somehow survives and runs away again. Interested, Sherry orders Ellis to follow her and destroys the surrounding walls as so Touma and the others will not interfere, though just simply slowing down Touma and the Anti-Skill's advance.[13]

Touma stops Ellis and rescues Hyouka.

Sherry eventually locates Hyouka after she has recovered her wounds, and attacks her again, injuring her, but quickly recovers. Sherry is surprised that the Key to the Imaginary Number District is in the form of a timid girl. Hyouka asks Sherry why she is doing such a cruel thing, to which she says that there is no particular reason, that it needs to be her, but killing her is the quickest way. Seeing Hyouka's expression, Sherry tells her that she is not human, and demonstrates it by having her golem destroy a part of itself and then regenerate, just like what happened with Hyouka. She concludes that she and Ellis are the same, monsters. As Hyouka falls into despair and cries, Sherry tells her that she shouldn't cry, as it is unseemly for a monster like her to cry, and orders Ellis to attack Hyouka. However, Sherry discovers that Touma has arrived just in time to dispel the golem, and saves Hyouka. With the golem destroyed, Sherry quickly draws up a new one and comments on how Hyouka should celebrate on how there is at least one idiot in the world who would protect her. However, Touma says to her that he is not alone, and much to Sherry's surprise, the Anti-Skills she defeated appear before her, rifles were drawn and flashlights set upon her.[14]

Sherry tries to escape.

Sherry commands Ellis to attack, however, the Anti-Skill go into formation, protect Touma and Hyouka, and start firing at the golem. it chips it slowly but is unable to move forward through the onslaught. Sherry commands the golem to force itself through, as such, it begins to move, and slowly gets used to the barrage of bullets. Sherry, however, notices that the Anti-Skill and Touma are planning to do something, and waves her pastel chalk frantically to give the golem's steps more focus. The Anti-Skill then cease their firing in order to let Touma through. The unstable Ellis is ordered by Sherry to attack, to which it does so, attacking the ground Touma is in, delaying his progress. It raises its fist again, and Touma bends down towards the opening between the golem's legs as it tries to maintain its balance. With that, the Anti-Skill resume firing, and Touma confront Sherry. She can't move Ellis as she will only get his by the bullets and seeing Touma, notes on how they are both trapped by the hail of gunfire by the Anti-Skill, but Touma says he doesn't need to and just needs for her to sleep quietly, punching her in the face, and negates Sherry's control of the golem.[15] Touma tries to negate the golem, but then notices Sherry drawing a magic circle on the ground, making Touma believe that she's making another one. Sherry tells Touma that she cannot create and sustain two at the same time, and says that even if she tried, it will collapse like mud. However, she says that if she uses that principle, she can create a useful effect. With that, the ground under Sherry collapses, and she escapes, creating another golem, and destroying the one above.[16]

With that, Sherry continues on with a new golem, after destroying mud eyes to search for Index, her new target.[17] Since Touma destroyed Sherry's levitation spell that prevents her from being affected by the shaking gait of her golem, she uses Ellis to carry her.[17] Sherry later allows Hyouka to pass her by, as well as set up traps for Touma.[4] And then later, as she sees Touma coming towards her way in the underground levels, uses her magic to make a pillar collapse next to him. Sherry tells Touma that she has let Ellis go first and taunts him that it might've already found its target. Sherry continues to taunt Touma, telling him to be her opponent, as so he won't be able to save Index. Touma asks Sherry why she is causing a rift between the balance of magic and science. Sherry answers and talks about on how espers self-destruct when using magic. She tells Touma of the tragic fate of her friend, Ellis, the first attempt at a successful Magician-Esper hybrid. With this, Sherry says that the magicians in their magic side and the scientists in their science side cannot co-exist together and that if they do not set up clear boundaries between each other, tragedies such as what happened to Ellis twenty years ago will happen again. Touma is confused about how contradictory she is being but then realizes that Sherry doesn't want them to start a war between each other, but only have them assume that they are in a brink of war. This angers Sherry and summons several magic circles on the walls and ceilings of the underground tunnel, an ambush. As the tunnel begins to collapse, however, Touma notices the magic circle near Sherry on the floor. Discovering that it is the one made to protect her, Touma charges towards it and negates it, forcing Sherry to stop the spell. However, as she was distracted, Touma is able to punch her in the face.[4]

Sherry is down, but not out. She stands up again and continues to mumble on how she needs to create a spark for war, saying of her reasons, such as Academy City's security getting lax, the Anglican Church having the Index Librorum Prohibitorum go out of their hands, etc. Touma asks her what Hyouka and Index did to warrant her attack, asking her why she is causing conflict even though she doesn't want it. Sherry goes loose, telling Touma that she doesn't know. She says that she hates everything, wants to kill everyone who killed Ellis, and bury all the scientists and magicians together. However, strangely, she also says that she doesn't want magicians and espers top fight each other, and tells Touma that her mind has been in conflict from the very beginning. She tells Touma that to her, everything seems logical, and that's why she is in pain. She doesn't live for a single belief, but of many, and tells him that she has as many convictions as there are stars. Touma, upon hearing this, tells her that even though her words are contradictory, there was only one belief that sprouted all of her other beliefs, which is that she didn't want to lose her dear friend. Touma asks her if she saw with her own eyes that he and Index were unhappy together, and tells her that there is not a need for them to separate, as they are happy together. Touma then asks her not to take away his dear friend as well.[4]

Sherry defeated by Touma

Sherry completely breaks down, knowing that her wish can no longer be fulfilled and that what she is doing is useless folly. She calls upon her magic name and charges towards Touma with her pastel chalk. Here, Touma realizes that another belief of Sherry's, and that is she wanted someone to stop her. And with that, Touma destroys Sherry's pastel, and punches her face, destroying her illusion.[4]

In the original novel, Touma ties Sherry down, before leaving. After Touma leaves, Sherry regains consciousness and wonders why she isn't dead. She wonders what belief out of many will pop out of her. She understands Touma's pleas, but contradictory thought-forms out of her. As she moves, another pastel chalk falls out of her, and in her many convictions, gives out a meaningless order, to either destroy the target or abort the mission.[4] Due to the events later, it can be assumed that Sherry was unable to restore long-distance manipulation to Ellis.

Archbishop Laura Stuart later negotiates with Aleister Crowley on Sherry's fate after her attacks.[5]

Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

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Sherry is referred to as being unable to decode the Book of the Law despite her skills.[18]

Daihasei Festival Arc

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Sherry with Orsola Aquinas in the British Library talking to Stiyl Magnus on the phone.

It is revealed that due to Sherry's combat and decoding capabilities, the Archbishop gave her a generous disposition. She is punished with shutting her in and letting her do document arrangements to reflect on her actions.[5]

She is shown to have calmed down, able to talk casually with Orsola Aquinas. Here, she and Orsola are in the British Library, tasked to aid Stiyl Magnus in finding information regarding the Croce di Pietro. She later berates Orsola for bringing and eating muffins in the library, which was given to her by the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church. The contact between them and Stiyl is disconnected, to which he hypothesizes the reason Necessarius has become so lively is because of Touma.[5]

Sherry is not to be found later when Orsola tries to contact Stiyl, but she and Orsola have apparently managed to search for the suitable constellations that are used by the Croce di Pietro.[19]

Academy City Invasion Arc

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In England, Sherry is seen in the laundry room of their woman's dormitory. Wearing only a negligee, she tries to cut a chess piece, while her fellow dorm mates try to figure out how the high-tech washing machine that was given by Academy City to the work

Sherry with the rest of the girls of Necessarius look at a certain washing machine's work.

s. Sherry says that they only need to wash their clothes in the river, though she is told by Kanzaki Kaori that it would be an environmental problem. After Kanzaki comments on how their laundry is in storage, Sherry states that the storage cabinet is guarded by triple magic locks, and states that she doesn't want to unlock it.[3]

Sherry witnesses Kanzaki not wearing any underwear under her yukata, and later, as they watch as their laundry and Kanzaki's obi is being washed, Sherry comments on how her obi, which has fading colors, should be washed separately and asked Kanzaki if her obi would be all right. Kanzaki goes nuts and tries to stop the washing machine, but it goes haywire and she is drenched by the liquid.[3]

Anglican Church–Russian Orthodox Church Prewar Conference

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Sherry looks on in the background while Sasha is flabbergasted with her attire.

Sherry goes out of her workshop sleep derived, apparently working on her sculptures all night long, and missing breakfast. Sherry asks Kanzaki if there's still breakfast, to which she replies that there isn't any left but says to her that if she asks Orsola nicely she will surely make her something. Sherry then tells Kanzaki of her work named Ellis, after she sees her snooping. She says that the sculpture is a failure as well, to which Kanzaki asks if that is the name of the spell she uses. Sherry relates to her on how she chose the name for it, and later leaves to the dining hall afterward, leaving Kanzaki who feels that a heavyweight is upon Sherry.[9]

Sherry continues eating as Sasha Kreutzev visits the dorm, and comments on how Sasha is apparently wearing a swimsuit even during the summer, who overhears her comments and curses Vasilisa, her superior for it. She is later stopped by Kanzaki from speaking and exacerbating Sasha's fury.[20] She later introduces Sasha to everyone in the dining hall. As the discussion slips into which side they, the women of the dorm, will ally themselves in, she and the others give Sasha a suspicious expression. Later, Sherry listens to Orsola as she gives her opinion regarding the matter to which she says that they will do remains the same, and that is to help people even if there is war, and references Touma being able to save people even without power. Orsola concludes that it is not up to the whole to decide which path to take, but it is up to the individual members and states that there should be a third option where there is a happy ending where no one is defeated, for the sake of Touma's expectations.[21]

Acqua of the Back Arc

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Sherry speaks with Orsola on the phone.

Sherry performs a lecture on heraldry in Royal Academy of Arts when she is called out by the clerk, who tells her that someone is calling from the British Library. Here, Sherry discovers that it is Orsola Aquinas, who reports about Acqua of the Back of God's Right Seat. Orsola mentions that Acqua has been witnessed as someone worked previously in England, and is referred to as a Knight, which worries Sherry as it would mean Academy City might have to question the Anglican Church's role with regards to a Knight of England. Orsola notes, however, that there is no record of him in the Buckingham Palace, to which Sherry guessed that the information might be false. Orsola however says that it is true that he is not in the list of knights, but she tells Sherry that for someone to be a knight there should be some shield heraldry that symbolizes their family background. Orsola then says that there has been a canceled order from a heraldry manufacturer outside of London from an unknown person. Sherry is intrigued, as that means that she could extrapolate information regarding the mysterious Acqua of the Back using the heraldry. Orsola sends a fax copy of the heraldry pattern to Sherry. With a simple look, Sherry recognizes the meaning of the symbolic animals and legendary creatures in the heraldry and says that the person was unhappy at being chosen as a knight.[8]

She states on how the Royal Family has invited him, tried to reject the offer but failed, and simply accepted the title begrudgingly. She tells Orsola that the man must've been an active fighter as a free man before becoming a Knight. He was a mercenary that was later appointed as a Knight. Sherry then discovers that the order was canceled ten years ago. Sherry says to Orsola that the person was born in England, was a mercenary that greatly contributed to Great Britain, and was primed to be nominated into being a Knight, and orders her to search for information on English mercenaries.[8] Sherry's knowledge helps discover the identity of Acqua of the Back as William Orwell.

British Royal Family Arc

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Before the start of the Civil War, Sherry meets up with Itsuwa in the lost article storage room after the latter successfully traps Bayloupe in one of the labyrinthine halls of Necessarius that is used for training. Here, Sherry notes that the facility has been toned down a bit since its use. Itsuwa apologizes to Sherry for calling her at such a late hour, to which she states that she doesn't mind as she is not a nun who follows some ridiculous rule. Sherry is bothered that she might have to help the Knights of England, but pays no heed to it, and asks Itsuwa the reason she called her. She analyzes the case that Itsuwa took from Bayloupe, and discovers that it can apparently change shape and is of Norse origin. Itsuwa accidentally taps on the beaten up case, which opens itself up, and at that point, it transforms into a large 10-meter long canoe. After commenting and comparing Itsuwa's clumsiness to Orsola, Sherry concludes that the case is a magical item that mimics the legendary Skíðblaðnir of Norse mythology. Sherry states that it is not the case or boat that is important, but the thing that it carried. Itsuwa says that in her battle with Bayloupe, she determined that it was not a dummy since she was protecting and carrying it fiercely and carefully. Sherry states that it may not be a dummy, and tells Itsuwa that she might investigate but suggests that she should go talk to Agnese first who is investigating New Light's base in Edinburgh. With that, she bids Itsuwa farewell and says that she should head back aboveground and get rid of the rest of New Light.[22]

Golem Ellis attacks the Knighs of England

As the Civil War unfolds, as Oriana Thomson, Kamijou Touma, and an unconscious Lessar face off against the Knights of England who has sided with princess Carissa, here, Sherry arrives just in time to go completely out of her mind and attack the Knights of England that had cornered to Touma and company. Without mercy, Sherry easily crushes a number of the knights with the use of her golem. Oriana tells Touma to leave and take Lessar back to the women's dorm, while she takes out the knights that are under disarray, and help Sherry back to her senses.[23]

During the calm before the storm, Sherry Cromwell has apparently calmed down and was apparently knocked out in the commotion in her fight with the Knights. Here, she regrets having gone out of control and sits alone near her own table. Orsola then comes in and gives her sandwiches, to which Sherry reluctantly accepts. She questions how Orsola left their dorms at a later time, to which she says that she was busy when everyone just left, and she also carried an incredible amount after being told to only carry necessities. Sherry laughs, saying that it is just like Orsola to do so. Sherry then discovers that Orsola carried and risked her life for the bust of Ellis, Sherry left back in her workshop. She berates Orsola for risking her life for the bus and tells her that it would have been refreshing to her if it disappeared. Orsola replies by saying that she shouldn't force herself to change and tells her that there is a big difference between removing regrets and denying the dead. She tells Sherry that she thinks it is not right to cut herself from her past and states that there should be no reason why people who treasure the memories of the dead cannot also start their own lives anew. Sherry voices her complaint, saying that Orsola wouldn't understand, though she doesn't add any further protests. Orsola then says that since Sherry's clothes have been incredibly worn, she has brought a change of clothes for her. Sherry explains that she likes the clothes she is wearing and that there is no need to change, but then discovers what Orsola is implying, a Goddess Goth Maid Outfit. Sherry airs her extreme dissatisfaction with the clothes and states that it has no connection to gothic outfits other than being kind of Western-looking and old-looking, which disappoints Orsola. Sherry then says that Orsola's fashion is that of an old grandmother, as such she is no help to her. Orsola says that it would be a waste if someone were to throw it and then concludes that she would just have to be the one would wear it. Sherry then frantically tries to stop Orsola from wearing the maid outfit, since she has a considerable bust size.[24]

During the battle between Kamijou Touma and Kanzaki Kaori against Princess Carissa, Orsola, and Sherry, with her golem, arrive as reinforcements. Here, she and the rest assist each Kanzaki in trying to take down Carissa but is unable to penetrate her defenses. The Griffin Sky mobile fortresses however arrive as her reinforcements, and rain lances upon Sherry's golem, knocking her out of the fight.[25] After a bunker cluster missile was shot towards London, Touma tries to call out to his Anglican Church comrades, Sherry being one of them, but cannot find any trace of them.[25]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Homecoming Arc

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Sherry Cromwell survived two wars, and later reappears communicating with Kanzaki Kaori, who is in a submarine, ready to intercept Radiosonde Castle. Sherry explains to Kanzaki on how England does not currently have any ground-based facilities from which to fire a ballistic missile. Kanzaki asks Sherry to restate the plan, to which she says that they are going to use a rocket up into space first then have it reenter the atmosphere to land on top of Radiosonde Castle. Kanzaki states the plan is too broad, to which Sherry replies that is the reason why a Saint like Kanzaki was called over, and later lists down the challenges. Kanzaki then asks if they have figured out if the flying fortress is from the magic or science side, to which Sherry states that Orsola and the other are investigating it, but doubts if she'll have the answers for her as she launches, citing several unknowns regarding its state. Finally, after Kanzaki asks about magic interfering the flight, to which Sherry states that it would only be a problem if Kanzaki tries to do a stable flight with the rocket, saying that since the rocket would be falling, spells that affect flying will not do anything to her rocket.[26]

Magic God Othinus Arc

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GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo
Main article: GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo

Sherry Cromwell and Orsola Aquinas are mentioned briefly. The two of them are in London's national library providing support with information organization and analysis for either the group sent out for the assault on the Sargasso of the North Sea or the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance itself. When Orsola receives a report of either the disastrous attack of the Sargasso of the North Sea or the GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo, she glances towards Sherry.[27]

Shifting and Fluctuating World

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, Ellis and Sherry are the first people Touma sees in this reality. Here, Touma is utterly stunned by Sherry calling out to Ellis, knowing that he was the deceased friend that Sherry mentioned to him before in the original world. Here, Sherry is trying to catch up to Ellis who ran ahead of her. For some reason, both of them are children, while every other character is presumed to be of the proper age.[28]

Other Appearances

Side stories

Art: what a difficult subject.

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2

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The Fourth Friday of September

The fourth Friday of September of the current year of the Toaru Majutsu no Index timeline.[7]

Sherry Cromwell enters the dormitory just as she sees Lucia spanking Angelene for sticking forks onto a chocolate cornet and calling it art. She becomes intrigued at the dessert with forks sticking out of it, and inspects it like a true connoisseur of pastry-related artwork. She then gives out her analysis of the meaning of Angelene's artwork, much to Kanzaki's disbelief.[7]

Anime appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan

Sherry only appears in a single skit in the second episode of the mini-series. Here, she is shown lying prone to the asphalt ground, apparently in a playground as she hums cutely with a high-pitch voice, drawing chalk figures in the ground like a child.


Her magic name is Intimus115, "I offer everything to my lost friend" (我が身の全ては亡き友のために Waga mi no subete wa naki tomo no tame ni?) Sherry is a decorated interpreter of the Royal Academy of Arts, attaining the highest honors of emblems restoration and interpretation.[2] She is a highly valuable member of Necessarius, for her expertise in decoding and analyzing.[5] She has the ability to decode grimoire codes hidden inside paintings; things like pigments, thickness, the theme of the paintings, any specific details can be converted into something that has a certain meaning to it. Thus, many times, the interpretations of the emblems are discovered to be wrong hundreds of years later. As such, if Index can be said to be the keeper of knowledge, then Sherry’s expertise is in decoding, to seal or interpret them.[2]

Golem Ellis

Primary Functions

Well versed in Kabbalah idols,[12] her primary magic used for combat is to summon a golem named Golem Ellis (ゴーレム=エリス Gōremu Erisu?) named after her friend Ellis Warrior. It is derived from Kabbalah but combined by Sherry with Anglican spells. Since she's English, she changed the linguistic system of the golem from Hebrew to that of English. Furthermore, since she's a Christian, she made the golem react to the Cross. According to Index, Sherry apparently attempted to create an angel of dirt using the golem, like an angel that looks like a human from the outside. The head, right arm, left arm, legs were all created in the image of a Cross, each side assigned with the power of the four Archangels, although it is not perfect as it is impossible for humans to create angels.[29] Using her magic pastel chalk to write a magic circle on a solid surface, Sherry can summon a golem that consists of material in its surroundings, such as concrete, iron gates, wires, and even human body parts, as Sherry has often threatened.[4]

There is a secret code or core inside the golem that allows Sherry to control it, if ever it is destroyed, the golem too will be destroyed. It is also a safety measure, which allows Sherry to force the golem to self-destruct; by stroking it a bit with a finger, the stone golem functions will cease functioning, preventing the stone golem from going rampant.[29] Using this through the pastel chalk as the base, the golem can be controlled through. She can manipulate it from afar, or have it run automatically.[29] However, automatic mode will not allow her to take control of the golem anymore.[4]

With a wave of the pastel chalk, Sherry can use it to force the golem to take in surrounding materials for regeneration,[14] or have it recover automatically every three seconds after substantial damage. The stone golem has the ability to use anything around it to assimilate itself and repair any wounds. On the other hand, if things that are unnecessary or even harmful to the structure are thrown to it, the self-repair system will have an error.[29]

Furthermore, it is implied that the golem is capable enough to do Sherry's laundry for her.[3]

Secondary Functions

Sherry and Golem Ellis in the form of mud-eyes.

By drawing a magic circle in the air, through the alignment of the four archangels that are represented in the limbs of the golem, Sherry can force it to move.[15] In both manga and anime adaptations, the spell apparently forces the golem to regenerate using surrounding materials.

Using the same method of creating a golem, Sherry can create several mud eyes for searching, monitoring, and espionage. Normally, the caster can only create one such stone golem, but if there’s only one eyeball, the composition to create a stone golem will drastically decrease, allowing the caster to create even more of it. The eyes allow Sherry to see what it sees, as well as allow it to send out her voice. The eyes can apparently either blend into or phase through solid objects.[6] Furthermore, through the use of the spell to create another golem, Sherry can use it to allow the surface upon which the magic circle for summoning her golem to collapse, since she can only manage to summon one golem, and creating another one would make the surface and the present golem collapse.[16]

Other abilities

  • Oil pastel chalk - The magic item is primarily used by Sherry to create magic circles to summon her golem and control it. However, it can also apparently cut through solid objects if needed by her for use as the golems materials.[4]
  • Automatic Writing - The spell prompts her to move automatically move her hand and write on paper information unknown to her.[12]
  • Levitation Spell - She can also use a levitating spell, which prevents her from losing balance from the tremors produced whenever Ellis attacks or walks. This spell has the side effect of slightly absorbing physical impacts [11]

Character Art designs

Character evolution

Sherry Cromwell was a result of Haimura's effort in producing a variety of characters that are not "moe". Although the overall theme of Sherry's design remains intact, her first preliminary design had her with a different face and clothes, most specifically, she is taller and her clothes are less detailed.[30]

By volume 12, Sherry becomes more deformed to suit Haimura's new art style for the series' characters.



  • (To Anti-Skill from Volume 6) "The ground is my strength. In front of Ellis, nobody can stand upright. Fall, be hopeless as you lie on the ground! You defeated dogs, can you still bite me now?
  • (To Touma from Volume 6) “The earth is my companion. The darkness surrounded by the earth is my stronghold
  • (To Orsola Aquinas from Volume 10) "Wait. Wait a second!! Stop that! Do you have any idea what will happen if someone as clueless as you with breasts that big puts on a maid uniform like that!? Just stop, you idiot!"
  • (Speaking about the Golem Volume SS1) “…When I was naming it, that was all that came to mind” -- “I was creating a puppet to protect me and when I got to the stage where I had to give it a name, he was the one that came to mind first. I’m aware it makes it look like I’m clinging on to regret
  • (To Orsola from Volume 17 about the Ellis statue) "You didn’t need to risk your life for this failed work. …In fact, it would have been refreshing to have this kind of thing disappear."
  • (To Orsola from Volume 17) "Wait. Wait a second!! Stop that! Do you have any idea what will happen if someone as clueless as you with breasts that big puts on a maid uniform like that!? Just stop, you idiot!"


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