The Shinasame University DNA Map Analysis Laboratory (品雨大学付属DNAマップ解析ラボ Shinasame Daigaku Fuzoku Dīenuē Mappu Kaiseki Rabo?) is a now-abandoned research facility found in School District 20.[1] It was used for the Radio Noise Project until it was attacked by Misaka Mikoto.[2]


Aside from the equipment used as part of the Sisters Project,[2] the laboratory also has a stock of artificial skin (人工皮膚 Jinkō Hifu?),[1] as well as the resources necessary to construct self-replicating artificial muscles.[3]


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Sisters ArcEdit

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After Misaka Mikoto discovers that clones of her known as Sisters are being killed in the Level 6 Shift Project by Accelerator, she opts to take down several research facilities that are part of the project, including Shinasame, though using only her Electromaster powers to attack the facilities as a form of cyber terrorism.[2] It was one of the last facilities Mikoto attacked in this manner prior to her switching to attacking facilities in person.

Dream Ranker ArcEdit

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Shinasame University DNA Map Analysis Laboratory (Abandoned)

Abandoned research facility

The facility has since fallen into dilapidation and have since become a place for delinquents and thugs to gather. After the cyborg Kuriba Ryouko escaped her laboratory, she arrives in the facility and makes short work of the thugs there, turning the facility into a temporary base and taking artificial skin to hide her mechanical body,[1] as well as using its resources to create self-replicating artificial muscles.[3] Scavenger later arrived at the facility, only to find the doppelganger gone.[4]


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