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Shinohara Liquid Material Factory exterior.

The Shinohara Liquid Material Factory (篠原 リキッド マテリアル ファクトリー Shinohara Rikiddo Materiaru Fakutorī?) is a disused factory in Academy City, formerly used to produce liquid metal.[1]


The complex is composed of several buildings with various tanks and pipes traveling within the buildings. Inside, the hallways of the buildings are left in a dilapidated state. However, there are still parts of the facility that still function, with an interior area only accessible through an ID card given to its employees.[2]


Not long before the current events of the story timeline, liquid metal was rather popular and a number of companies were involved in developing it. However, in the end, only two of those companies survived. The Shinohara Liquid Material Factory was one of the facilities used by one of the companies that went defunct and after which was left abandoned afterwards.[3]


Daihasei Festival Arc

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