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Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 10 is the tenth installment of the Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index series, released on May 10th 2014.[1] It details the efforts of Kamijou Touma to protect Othinus at the cost of becoming the enemy of the world.

Similar to New Testament 8, a 20-page preview of the novel was released by Dengeki Bunko on their website.

Publisher's Summary[]

Kamijou Touma has made an enemy of the entire world to save Magic God Othinus.

His previously reliable allies, the highly influential people, the espers, the magicians, and everyone else now attack him as "powerful enemies". This battle has the lowest odds of survival and seems the most hopeless of any other in his life. In other words, the world Kamijou has returned to is the same as "that hell".

But he does not give in. He is not alone this time. There is a way to save Othinus from the world. Namely, to neutralize her powers. To return her to human, he must retrieve the eye of the magic god from Mímir's Well which is in an old castle in Denmark.

Now he has a set objective. Kamijou fights to protect the life and smile of a single girl.


  • Prologue: A Certain Boy Becomes Humanity’s Enemy — Introduction_00.
  • Chapter 9: V.S. The One who Bears White and Black Wings and Opposes the World — Round_01.
  • Chapter 10: V.S. The Fury of 2 Billion — Round_02.
  • Chapter 11: V.S. Nuns Wavering in God's Majesty — Round_03.
  • Chapter 12: V.S. Four Demon-Slaying Swords — Round_04.
  • Chapter 13: V.S. Blacksmith who Releases the Magic Sword — Round_05.
  • Chapter 14: V.S. Police of the Front Stage — Round_06.
  • Chapter 15: V.S. Merciless Scientific Vanguard — Round_07.
  • Chapter 16: V.S. Heaven-Sent Child Loved by Electrons — Round_08.
  • Chapter 17: V.S. Master of the Library and Magic Queen — Round_09.
  • Chapter 18: V.S. One who Opposes the Magic God — Round_10
  • Chapter 19: V.S. Hammer-Wielding Almighty God — Round_11.
  • Chapter 20: V.S. ??? — Round_12(Secret).
  • Epilogue: What does the Right Hand Grasp After the Fighting? — Finale_∞.



  • The shadow under the number 10 on the cover is a bit slanted.


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