Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 13 is the thirteenth installment of the Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index series, released on July 10th 2015.[2] It features Kamijou Touma's second fight with a true Magic God and the movement of True Gremlin's plans. Similar to the previous volume, a 20-page preview of the novel was released by Dengeki Bunko on their website.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Mikoto's turn as heroine.
With Earth's destruction on the line.
The chase battle involving Kamijou and Mikoto begins!

Kamijou Touma rushing through Academy City on the Acro Bike. On his back, Misaka Mikoto holds on to his waist for dear life so she doesn't get thrown off.

Great Darkness pursues the duo. The "Darkness" chasing Kamijou holds the overwhelming destructive force to overcome even dimensions. This time, it's different from the negotiable Othinus or St. Germain the fake. The true Magic God, true Gremlin presses towards them.

Kamijou and Mikoto can no longer hold their own. In these desperate moments, a surprising someone lends them his/her hand! At the same time, while sitting behind Kamijou and fighting, Mikoto's buzzing feelings for him starts to well up in her chest.

The chase battle with Earth's destruction at stake! "Gremlin: Magic God Invasion Arc" begins!

When science and magic cross paths, the story begins!

Chapter ListEdit

  • Prologue: Another Possible Demise — Before_the_End.
  • Chapter 1: The Magic God is Always There — Sword_and_Sheath.
  • Chapter 2: Run, or Die — Chase_With_the_Girl.
  • Chapter 3: Beyond the Broken Spider Web — Nightmare_to_Ray_of_Hope.
  • Chapter 4: End of an Unwinnable Battle — A.A.A.
  • Epilogue: Another Possible Beginning — The_End_is_Named......


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