Chapter 3
少女願望、その交差 — Winner’s_“APPLE”.
The Girls’ Desires and Their Intersection — Winner’s_“APPLE”.
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Kamijou Touma continues to worry about their food situation, and while he looks for a way to distract his stomach, Index, Othinus and Nephthys become carried away by the dramatic advertisement on the television. Touma manages to bring back the topic to looking for food, and despite the ongoing problem of Kamisato Kakeru, he decides to borrow some food from his neighbor Tsuchimikado Motoharu.

To Touma's shock, Kamisato Kakeru barged in Motoharu's apartment unit and vines attack Touma, throwing him out of the apartment unit and into more vines seven stories below. Kakeru then introduces his companions—Claire, a Gemstone whose body structure is akin to plants, and Elza, a magician who uses a concept similar to a Kokkuri to possess other things and absorb the energy of enemies—and assures Touma that he is there only to talk to him about the Birdway sisters.

Noukan heads to an Anti-Art Attachment hangar in District 7 while in contact with General Superintendent Aleister. He grasps the severity of the situation after seeing Aleister's urgent maintenance of the Anti-Art Attachment and assures Aleister that he will deal with the problem so that the General Superintendent's predictions would remain accurate.

Claire and Elza pull out as Kakeru and Touma talk privately about World Rejecter. Kakeru reveals that he only received his right hand power recently (after having a strange feeling back after World War III) and the extermination of the Magic Gods was his first great feat. He also explains how the existence of the World Rejecter had changed Claire and Elza, who Kakeru described as normal high school students before he received his mysterious power, and how his life is now surrounded by the girls who now form the Kamisato Faction. Kakeru also considers himself toyed at by the Magic Gods, who gave him the World Rejecter to change his life into its current state. Touma somewhat understood him, but he also points out that Kakeru is being inconsiderate to himself by using his nature as a "normal high school student" to justify the things that is happening to his life.

The talk between Kakeru and Touma becomes heated up as they meet at an impasse. Kakeru reveals that he had planned to negotiate about sparing Touma in exchange for the Magic Gods in his custody and war is declared against Touma since the talks have broken down. He then leaves, gathering the rest of the Kamisato Faction to his side, as Touma thinks about Nephthys' words about the circumstances related to how he received the Imagine Breaker.

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Nephthys recalls the link between Africa and Europe and how a certain man used concepts from Egyptian mythology to create the concept of the Aeons of Osiris, Isis and Horus. Nephthys remembers that man and laughs at the nostalgia brought by hearing those names after a long time. However, she hopes that the mythos of Egypt used by the man wasn't twisted from the original.


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  • Nephthys: "Yes, yes. Sorry about that. I’m just so susceptible to this kind of thing. …Crying with someone is part of my very essence, so I just can’t stand it. Oh, no. Here it comes again! Fwehhh!!"
  • Noukan: "Aleister, I will not stop you from perfecting humanity. You can do as you wish. But don’t abandon your humanity. I know for a fact that there were people who walked by your side because they were drawn by that humanity."


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