Chapter 4
上条当麻と上里駆流 — Attack_the_Fist.
Kamijou Touma and Kamisato Kakeru — Attack_the_Fist.
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Touma breaks the tense news to his companions back at his apartment unit. Meanwhile, Leivinia also confesses that the "fruit" she is cultivating for Patricia's sake will also cause her to burst from within, a fact that was disclosed by Patricia to Kamisato earlier. Othinus also reminds Touma that Nephthys is in a too weak condition to move, and this leaves the 15-cm Magic God, Index and Touma left to fend off the incoming attacks by the Kamisato Faction.

As the entire dormitory complex is plunged in darkness by a blackout and the other tenants are kept isolated using magic similar to the People-Clearing Field, the Kamisato Faction begins their attack. Leivinia is forced to deal with the black creature inside Patricia's body, and Touma confronts the attacks in the nearby corridor with the help of Index's Spell Intercept. This hijacks the coins used by Elza so that it can be used to disarm the enemies surrounding him. Touma then uses the opportunity to attack Kakeru as he grasps how the World Rejecter works. Kakeru manages to break free from Touma, and this begins a pursuit followed by a brutal exchange of kicks and punches from the two boys.

Kamijou confronts Kakeru for allowing a scenario where the creatures in the bodies of the Birdway sisters would kill each other, but Kakeru points out that Patricia wanted such an encounter to happen. Kakeru also began an investigation through his faction members regarding the parasite in Patricia's body and deemed it harmless if nurtured to the point of domestication. However, it would require Patricia to spend the rest of her days on life support, and Leivinia would have to be destroyed in order to calm the Sample Shoggoth. Touma rejects Kamisato's plans for the Birdway sisters and insists that he will continue pursuing his own solution to the problem, and it will involve saving both Leivinia and Patricia, even if he would covet Kamisato's faction members in the process.

Patricia and Leivinia remain locked in combat as the parasites continue attacking each other. As Touma decides to confront the Birdway sisters, Kamisato uses his World Rejecter to help Touma separate Patricia from Leivinia. Then, Claire receives Patricia so that she could start the procedure where plant-based fat is injected through several places in Patricia's body to expel the Sample Shoggoth and replace the flesh that was eaten away by the creature. The procedure began smoothly with Claire handling the replacement of fat while Touma suppresses the black creature, but as the Sample Shoggoth tries to consume Claire as well, Touma is forced to use the Imagine Breaker on it.

NT Index v14 303

Nephthys appears to Patricia one last time before disappearing.

Nephthys leaves Index's side as she senses danger near Touma, assuring Index that she has to do something—a miracle—as a god. As she recollects the basis of her existence as well as her response to being exiled by Kamisato Kakeru's hand, she realizes that her "death" this time does not carry the same fear as when she was struck by the World Rejecter. Nephthys, as a sandstorm made out of the dust of countless mummified dead, replaced the fat and nutrients the dying Patricia needs to survive.

Touma faces the bitter truth that Patricia's life was saved by Nephthys' sacrifice. Meanwhile, Kamisato Kakeru, who lets go of Patricia's issue after it has resolved, focuses once more about his revenge against the Magic Gods, particularly the remaining one, Othinus. Touma refuses to allow Kakeru to call the Magic Gods especially after Nephthys' sacrifice, evil, and the two boys once more face each other at a stand-off where their right hands would clash against each other.

NT Index v14 310-311

Kamisato Kakeru and Kamijou Touma clashes fists for a decisive battle between the two.


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  • Touma: "You’re satisfied with heroically driving a tearful girl into a corner? You drive her to the edge of the cliff and then praise her for having the courage to jump!? That’s wrong! Simply becoming a hero isn’t some wonderful thing! Not when you’re throwing your life away like that! Fighting against the urge to lower the value of a life is an amazing strength! It’s far, far, far more admirable than useless people like us who can only wave our right hands around to fight!! It has to be!!"
  • Nephthys: "That’s right. I am a god. I’m not supposed to hope for a miracle; I’m supposed to be the one causing the miracles."


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