揺りかごの時間の終わり — More_Purely,More_Bloody.
The Time for the Cradle Comes to an End — More_Purely,More_Bloody.
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Kamisato Kakeru talks to Ellen on the phone about the aftermath of the clash with Kamijou Touma. In the end, Kakeru was able to overcome the Imagine Breaker in that last exchange. However, something else left him a bloody mess, something that appeared as soon as he tried to exile Touma's right hand. Kakeru is soon confronted by Kihara Noukan, armed with the Anti-Art Attachment that was deployed for a "normal high school student" only because of his intervention. Unlike before, Kakeru's temper is worsened by the fact that the faction had helped him understand that the entire problem with the Sample Shoggoth had been planned by Academy City to eliminate him, and the thought of facing another mastermind brings Kakeru to discard his heroics to crush Noukan's offensive. Meanwhile, Noukan understands the circumstances behind this confrontation with Kakeru and finds relief in seeing Aleister's plan going back on track.

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Kihara Yuiitsu tearfully watches Noukan as he makes his last words to her.

Kihara Yuiitsu heads to Noukan only to see him motionless where he and Kakeru fought each other. Although she was brought close to hysteria by the sight of Noukan's injuries, the inner Kihara in Yuiitsu allowed her to focus more on retrieving him. Still, Noukan cannot be healed even with the current level of Academy City's technology. Yuiitsu instead brings Noukan to a research facility so that he would be stored in cold sleep until it is possible to save him.

Noukan manages to speak to Yuiitsu as he slowly gathers his thoughts about the future that is caused by his current fate. His last words were for Yuiitsu to surpass him as a Kihara. Noukan loses consciousness shortly after, and as she freezes Noukan's body, Yuiitsu promises to fulfill his last request by dealing with the General Superintendent, the Imagine Breaker, the entire Science Side and the entire Magic Side, all because of the actions of the World Rejecter.

In the Windowless Building, Aleister's calm is shattered as he realizes that everything has been going as planned, just as the Magic Gods do, a fact that unsettles him as someone who has been trying to defy the the rules of the gods.


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  • Noukan: "If you asked me, and the things that give me form, whether I wanted a new world, the answer would be no. Boy, I have intelligence. I know the original seven who gave it to me. I understand their wills and I have attempted to follow in their footsteps. So my thoughts and my personality would never stray from the path and would never hold conflicting desires when faced with the kind of salvation presented by someone who can only rely on the supernatural. I will live and die in this world. Whatever result that brings, I will face it, I will confirm the answer of the Kiharas that it leads me to, and I will complete the task the original seven began."


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